1Biennale 2018

The First Digital Biennale is complete, soon it is history. A history of Digital Art that has it all. Quite many have forgotten the beginnings. In facebook times only the present counts. Where do you check in, what cool places you have in mind to visit?

I said, “A history that has it all.”

The Pharaohs knew what history means. A work needs a monument, immovable, made in concrete, made in stone. In digital times history is fluid. The task has been to create one that everyone can carry.

This is the book, there is the story inside. Living in a Coded World.


The First Award for Immersive Digital Award, THE LONG-LEGGED MASKITT, will be handed out at Santorini Biennale IMMERSIVIA 2018 for the Best Pavilion and the Best Artist Cube. Public voting ends on October 30, 2018.


All artwork, all the data files are conserved, copies handed over to the contributing artists. The data will be shared to museums. Right now there is a way to explore the contributions live on demand “in the grid”. Join the Hypergrid Hoppers on facebook or inworld to fetch the timetable and to get an invitation to join a living history tour.

The SEARCH function in this wordpress blog will stay. Enter a catchword and you get the pages.

1Biennale moves on. There will be more publications, showing the connections, the impacts of this kind of art for the future.


In 2020 there will be a new theme to come: A LIVING DOOR. Applications are possible after November 3rd.