Hyde Hackl: Dodeca Phonics Eco

Maybe Hyde Hackl is the greatest builder of all times. I know Hyde for some years. Hyde stepped in when Molly Bloom lost her builder to create a home for the collection of Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech. You might not have heard of this artist nor of Molly Bloom, what a shame. Molly Bloom, hidden behind a mask, will become in time what Dali is for your times. I wrote an iReport on CNN. I created with Jami Mills a calendar of her works …

Sadly CNN stopped iReport so the traffics needs an update, which I did to stimulate you for a visit of Hyde Hackl — to explore the secrets inside.


You ask about the Pavilion Hyde Hackl made for 1Biennale? I will not show you more here and now. For Dali you have to travel to Figueres for Hyde Hackl … I am sure you will find the way.

I know you expect more. Here you get a very brief glimpse into the Molly Bloom museum [timestamp 5:12] made by Hyde Hackl … in a mostly unknown machinima by WizardOz Chrome, nevertheless, I like this recording much …

This version was not shown in Santorini. It is one of several machinimas WizardOz created for the Surreal Cube.

Now after having watched the video, you deserve a view at the Pavilion Hyde Hackl created. I will show you something you never see. How Dodeca Phonics Eco looks from inside when being empty. There is a big vent bringing air inside the cube.



You are curious like “Hello Hell” what can be inside? What lifeforms need fresh air? Yes correct: FISH it is!