1Biennale: What comes next?




On 1st November 2018 the contributions submitted to 1Biennale moved in a Grand Finale to IMMERSIVIA at Santorini Biennale. The works of the contributing artists have been premiered in a machinima, which the Italian videographer WizardOz Chrome created for this unique show. TOUCHING REALITY, the name of the video, is a timeless document of user created reality. It was shown first time in the virtual art world of the IMMERSIVIA by Art Blue.

Art Blue, the Avatar of the curator, who uses his pen name Ervare for these worlds, presented also a book LIVING IN A CODED WORLD and a booklet which connects the contributions, all arranged in Pavilions around Santorini, to the upcoming sessions of Santorini Biennale which spread the art into events around the world. In its 4th edition Santorini Biennale targets #NEIGHBOURHOOD by the motto “Art is mainly a political act”.

This way the motto lead to a new arrangement creating a new visual display, which was presented by the co-curator Juliette Surreal-D in Santorini. Looking from Santorini to the neighbour islands the participants of the Grand Finale could literally touch the Pavilions displayed miles away in Agathonisi, Chios, Kalymnos, Kos, Leros, Lesvos, Samos, Symi.

ART IS MAINLY A POLITICAL ACT, the theme gives new room for the works the invited artists around the globe left for viewing, interpretation and for a change.

The creators of Artist Cubes at 1Biennale: Betty Tureaud, Denmark; Blue Tsuki, USA; Cherry Manga, France; Elle Thorkveld, USA; FreeWee Ling, USA; Gaianed, Switzerland; Gem Preiz, France; Jadeyu Fhang, France; Kerupa Flow, Japan; Lampithaler, Austria; Louis Wu, Germany; Moewe Winkler, Germany; Paul Atreides, England; Pipilotti Winslet, USA; Rory Torrance, USA; Space Cadet, USA; SecondHand Tutti, Ireland; Seraph Kegel, Uruguay; Thoth Jantzen, USA; Tryad Destiny, England; Vagabond Wanderer, Australia; Venus Adored, Netherlands.

The creators of Pavilions where the Artist Cubes have been placed inside: Art Eames, Germany; Barry Richez, France; Betty Tureaud, Denmark; Bryn Oh, Canada; Cica Ghost, Serbia; Hyde Hackl, Netherlands; Paul Atreides, England  & Erico Lecker, Spain; Space Cadet, USA; Uan Ceriaptrix, Mexico; Venus Adored, Netherlands.

Art Blue donated at the Grand Finale of 1Biennale, which was also the Grand Opening of IMMERSIVIA, in total personally four awards to artists in whom he sees not only a great contribution made to 1Biennale — because then everyone would have deserved an award. He cherishes by doing so also their contribution to the past, the present and the future of opensimulator worlds. WizardOz Chrome was honoured for the machinima TOUCHING REALITY but also for over six years of continually supporting the virtual art community in SL and opensim. Art Eames for re-creating the H.W. Franke’s 2-dimensional MONDRIAN machine from 1979 in a Pavilion but also for the coding, developing and administration of the servers for over eight years. SecondHand Tutti for re-inventing the 15-year old basic prim elements in TEA TIME WITH TUTTI and there for extending the virtual world by creating Nomi as a lifeform inside the tea cups looking to the outer sphere so creating a form of Active Reality for kids which is btw. the core focus of the institution VISIT e.V. running 1Biennale. Venus Adored for bringing particles and Advanced Light effects in her Pavilion EYE and Artist Cube MAGIC together in motion and for donating her shows in opensimulator to create an interactive user reality experience.

The main Long-Legged Maskitt Award for the Best Pavilion have been given by public voting to Hyde Hackl for DODECA PHONETICS ECO. For the Best Artist Cube the voting for the Maskitt Award went to Rory Torrance for THE SPACE BETWEEN THE WORLD.

The creator of the award, Bryn Oh, was exempt from the vote. Also some of artists did not opt for being set on vote. They preferred to keep their identity anonymous.


The installations will travel in 2019 around the world, seen everywhere, but also may be seen every time differently. One traveler to come will be B DOT BLUE, a time traveler discovering the world from a perspective of an alien coming to earth. I remember some years ago a story written by Zeno Astronen aka Dr. Josef Reinkenhof. The alien dog FLA coming from planet DRON7 being on the way to the Bruckner Concert house. A quite unique story written by Dr. Reinkenhof, a retired rocket engineer at DASA. FLA is the brain inside the software discovering the art of music. The software package FLA Zeno Astronen coded in the 70s in BASIC, the regular language at this time for a home computer. It generates forms and layers of minimal art.

You see a short sequence in Youtube at


When it will come to B DOT BLUE visiting a Pavilion, visiting an Artist Cube at 1Biennale, IMMERSIVIA #Neighbourhood B DOT BLUE might think about the creator. What signs are left? What traces to discover? Are there any? When did this creator came first to life? Was this human male or female? Was the Avatar a copy of the mind? What epoch does the work refer to? If you like to give B DOT BLUE clues then give Art Blue some input. It can be a real life story, the story of your avatar, it can be fiction, it can be what you like to read on you. It can be a hidden notecard, a book, a link, an email. There is no guarantee that B DOT BLUE will see it your way. Now get the details and an example … B DOT BLUE: SAVING THE ART ON MARS

The book project B DOT BLUE [explores Earth] has been submitted to the National Writers Month Contest – https://nanowrimo.org – running from November 1st to November 30th 2018.


Art Blue