Rory Torrance: The Space Between The World

Quantity meets quality fun. A must-see installation. A wild ride into outer space! A sort of ‘Circus Among the Stars’ that poses the atonal question, “And Now What Do You Do?” Can your decoder ring decipher the subtle answer? It has various interactive elements, so be sure to get the instruction notecard (with HUD chapbook) from the kaleidoscopic star at the start of the Stairway.

You enter The Space Between The World via Hyde Hackl’s Pavilion Dodeca Phonics Eco.


You see unbelievable things. Countless.


How I, Art Blue, see Rory Torrance:

I don’t know Rory-
Rory here, breaking in on hyperwave. Nobody knows Rory. I, Rick, am a super-shy autistic savant. I’ve never done or gone anywhere or anything much. I live with my elderly mom & spend my spare time on the computer, working on my Topological Valence Equations, my Theory of Naturally Simulated Polytopes, my geometric boardgame program Slantix, my 1st novel “The Boojum & the Buddha”, & a motley lot of abstract artworks in 2, 3 or 4 dimensions, some of which can be viewed in Second Life or Inworldz. Help-
Attention! This is the Voice of the Future, Radio Free Kout! Stop the pathetic coverups! He’s really an ET who walks among us, a lost child of exo-tourists from Sagittarius B! Rescued by a passing UFO, but having ‘gone native’, he was left here to serve as our Official Galactic Ambassador! Don’t be fooled; his innocent-looking works encode unspeakably alien missives, ‘pataphysical spells, quantum weirdness & the like! Who knows what-