A LIVING DOOR at 1Biennale 2020


[this was the page in mid-2018. It is kept as a historical reference]


… I did not want to delete the thoughts I had … So here is Looking back:

Originally I had in mind that Auratic Bodies [Avatars] will walk or teleport [through A LIVING DOOR under high voltage] into a Sphere of Art. The Sphere will have a defined dimension and set on a baseplate of 64×64 meters. This is quiet close to the concept of 1Biennale 2018. I wanted to call artists, builder or in other words world creators [worldartificers] in Opensim, Second Life, Sansar, High Fidelity, Sine Space and Unity to create a holder structure on which the Sphere will rest and will wait to be filled. This leads to the second call, the creation of The Sphere. Inside the Spheres will be what we call in 1Biennale 2018 The Artist Cube, now it is a Sphere. Some inspiration might emanate out of the following lines, taken from the short story The Dilemma, published in rezmagazine, June 2018, words leading back to the beginning of this book.

“To get valid data out of Big Data we need to create two types of Avatars: The first ones knowing they are Avatars and the ones who don’t know they are.” ~ The Boss

This job I got and I created them. The ones not knowing they are Avatars I made by using the human aura. I created a replica by scanning it. The Auratar. The other ones you know, you steer them, you live in them. They act as you, you can log them in. You say the traditional phrase, known as the WESTWORLD-phrase: “Bring yourself back online, Dolores.” But if you have watched the series, the original cut from 2018 at HBO you know, “Bring yourself back online, Bernard,” leads to a different question. For Dr. Robert Ford, played by Anthony Hopkins, it leads to: “To Be or Not to Be.”

That was the basic idea I created when I saw the remake of Marina Abramovic & Ulay performance in Louisiana. So I stated:

PASSING A LIVING DOOR under high voltage is reflecting on the performance ‘Imponderabilia’ by Marina Abramovic & Ulay in Bologna, Italy [1977], reperformed at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art [2017] and the announcement by Tate London that Marina Abramovic will electroshock herself with 1 Million Volts in 2020.

Avatars meeting an Auratar

Come lie next to me. Know why, you and me are one. No lies, you and me are one.
And machine saw everything it had made and said “behold”.
And on the seventh day, Machine made Art.

[adapted from Apoptygma Berzerk, Kathy’s Song]