The Electric Sheep

On June 28, 2018 at 1:00 PM PDT the book focusing 1Biennale and Santorini Biennale will be presented in Second Life. Enter SL15B Electrify in Map.



Living in a Coded World

The book

Living in a Coded World

is finished.

It will be first presented INWORLD at Surreal Art Gallery on June, 20, 2018 at 1:00 PM. The event will be celebrated with a live concert by Xander Nichting  …

The event is themed Gypsy revlelry…


Each contributor to 1Biennale will get a copy of the book INWORLD.

There are to be named:

Betty Tureaud, the judging god, Denmark
Blue Tsuki, All The Songs We Never Sang, USA
Cherry Manga, The Hive, France
Elle Thorkveld, Fog in the Machine, USA
FreeWee Ling, Precession, USA
Gaianed, Homage to M.C. Escher, Switzerland
Gem Preiz, Isometrix, France
Jadeyu Fhang, Protest, France
Kerupa Flow, Wobbling Black and White, Japan
Lampithaler, Naked Pyramid Players, Austria
Louis Wu, Lightbringer, Germany
Moewe Winkler, Just talking a bit, Germany
Paul Atreides, Brazen Bull, England
Pipilotti Winslet, Disorienteering 2, USA
Rory Torrance, The Space Between The World, USA
Space Cadet, Molly Bloom Museum, USA
SecondHand Tutti, Tea Time With Tutti, Ireland
Seraph Kegel, The Modern Paradigm, Uruguay
Thoth Jantzen, In Surreal Time, USA
Tryad Destiny, Mensch, England
Vagabond Wanderer, In His Dominion, Australia
Venus Adored, Magic, Netherlands

Art Eames, Mondarian Cube, Germany
Barry Richez, Incubus, France
Betty Tureaud, temple of the judging god, Denmark
Bryn Oh, Long-Legged Maskitts, Canada
Cica Ghost, Pavilion, Serbia
Hyde Hackl, Dodeca Phonics Eco, Netherlands
Paul Atreides & Erico Lecker, Bauhaus for Art, England & Spain
Space Cadet, Cloud Atlas, USA
Uan Ceriaptrix, A green singularity device, Mexico
Venus Adored, The Eye, Netherlands


HG Safari today

Feb. 7th at Noon PDT [21:00 CET] will get a sneak preview of 1Biennale for 90 minutes. There is a big program about to happen. Curious what is inside the big cube? And why leaves the needle ship the scene?

That’s the technical information you need to take part INWORLD and via THE WEBor to take part – via WEB only.

Enter in your browser and listen to the audio stream at






Much has happened in the last weeks.

Please join the ART TALK on MONDAY, Feb 5th at 1:00 PM SLT:

In Second Life:


Please join the ART TALK on WEDNESDAY, Feb. 7th at Noon SLT:

In opensimulator, Metropolis Metaversum, map: Futurelab:


You will be able to sneak with your browser LIVE into 1BIENNALE [Sandbox and Draft].

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Gaianed Francisco di Cremona: A CUBE

Gaianed Francisco di Cremona worked out a Homage to M.C. Escher

As posted in facebook: Gaianed Francisco di Cremona joined the CALL FOR CUBES in opensimulator. Get inspired by his installation now on display in SL at LEA5. Have a look at the video
Btw. Gaianed is one of the first builders who got conserved by Art Blue’s [catalog] project – running on Space.Net servers – see at – Castle Petrov by Gaianed