interbiennale-safe4click1Biennale 2020 had a pre-show —  THE FAKED VR from November 2019 until February 2020 within THE WRONG BIENNALE. Then the CORONA Virus changed things. There will be no 1Biennale 2020 “IN REAL” — there will be the 1. INTERBIENNALE.

Will the IMMERSIVIA at the SANTORINI BIENNALE 2018 be the last one of this kind and in 2020 will be emptiness “IN REAL?” Let us head straight to 2022 to skip the virus? The answer is no, even things are now harder than ever.

We have worked out a concept INTERBIENNALE, a Biennale in between and we are adding some REAL elements.


Watch the opener of the 1. INTERBIENNALE on YouTube, created by WizardOz Chrome — ZIMA BLUE: THE LIFE OF A VIRUS