Join the conference on Dec 9th and 10th 2017 to watch out what is said ….


We are in an early stage. Nevertheless we have already contributors so the 1BIENNALE gets a picture: Art Eames aka Daniel Jung, Sean Lennon, Venus Adored, Gem Preiz, Hyde Hackl, Erico Lecker, Uan Ceriaptrix. Currently the sketches are on Metropolis grid and some sketches are in SL at LEA5 [sandbox cleans every Friday].

Juliette Surreal-D. created a superb pavilion combing old and new worlds linking back [and forward] to the [Digital] Anthropocene. The front sides of old houses have been made available on a a free 3D platform. See also the contact page where the ideas melt.


It will be interesting what we will see IN THE CUBE when the 1BIENNALE opens [same time as SANTORINI BIENNALE – IMMERSIVIA]. Who wants to fill a pavilion?


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