You might know from Juliette’s notecard “The Santorini Grand Finale and Info” that I, Art Blue, write on a novel where a traveler [B dot Blue] comes to Earth with a mission to save the art. The traveler notices the works of 1Biennale. The names of the creators are intended to be the same as in 1Biennale, but in case the artist wants the name to be changed to a fictitious one, I will do so. Below is an Exerpt [draft]: I have already written. In this excerpt, the traveler explores the Artist Cube made by Kerupa Flow

This is an example of how I might write about each Pavilion and Artist Cube. [If you do not wish to be included in my novel with your artistic name, please inform me immediately. It is an easy deal and no harm done. Thank you very much.]

B DOT BLUE arrives at…

Kerupa Flow

You have to stand infront of the Artist Cube. I will never say just cube, even Cube is something etheric, an element of substance, a symbol of strength and solidity. “It all starts with a Cube,” is a famous saying by Phil Rosedale one of the philosophers on Earth who invented virtual realism in the first prim and sculpted based worlds. Prim stands for a set of primitives, forgotten since long but worth to remember: Box, Cylinder, Prism, Sphere, Torus, Tube, Ring and sculpt.

This was before the mesh worlds took over. Took over is not really correct. Better to understand why prim art got overtaken by mesh is that mesh has a lower land impact than constructions made of prims. When you want to create art you need land. That is the way when art goes commercial. Art is treated like a business, like a pair of shoes or a cup of coffee you may say. And right now when saying this we slip into the middle of a dispute. The most famous cup in art is Tea Cup for Tutti. I don’t know why Art Blue sent me to Kerupa Flow to see first. I found out later that not Kerupa Flow got the Long-Legged Maskitt Award. This award went to SecondHand Tutti for the, I said it, Tea Cup for Tutti. For me it seems a wrong decision to give SH Tutti this prestigious award, a bronze statue made by the famous artist Bryn Oh. Bryn Oh I visited also, the Pavilion that was donated to 1Biennale, the container of Art, later of course.

I shall stick to Kerupa Flow, the installation I am standing, so I don’t lose the flow. As I said, you have to stand infront of this creation, titled Wobbling Black and White.

You stand outside and you look inside. You stand, you stand, you stand. The entrance is moving, bending, rotating. Not in a deliria way, not like being on drugs. The moves intersect with your brain, slowly, you are draw to enter, but not right now. You say, “Not right now.” You feel there will be something inside you might not be able to leave when you have entered. You feel because you see there is something inside shimmering. For this something they have a word on Earth. It is called content. A rather unsuited word when it comes to the Arts, when it comes to Kerupa Flow. So I step in, CU in hand. I could say, “Colour” to CU and the world would change in windlight settings. You might think my wording is a bit dramatic if you don’t know how that at the time this installation was created things have been done exactly this way. You clicked on a menu and selected Sunset or Incongruent Lights or whatever light model you like to activate and the visualization of the environment changed. It was called a change of the windlight. Some artists therefore recommended or even forced a specific light setting for their art, how you immerse best in it. My CU can do a lot of things overwriting the restrictions or definitions of the user created model. I say user and mean the artist, Kerupa Flow. There is no disrespect in saying user, indeed it is important to understand that for the first time in human history everyone got the ability to create worlds solely created by the brain. Kerupa Flow is an artist, that is out of any doubts. What Kerupa, and others of this kind, creates is reality, User Created Reality.

Being inside the Artist Cube of Kerupa Flow you have two options. You know from my telling that to have two options is good. The first one is the obvious one. You shut your mouth and just watch what is there. The other one is you write an epos. I have to write an epos. I am a winner. A NaNoWriMo winner does not do it under 50,000 words. I have not even reached half of this. So let me roll my sleeves up and the epos may begin.

Once upon a time there was a Flow. Not a great start. I don’t write about a fairy tale, I write about reality.

Kerupa is sitting in Japan in a 6 to 4 meter apartment. All Japanese have tiny rooms to live. Why shall an artist have more space? Luckily an artist in virtual realms needs even less space, so let me give Kerupa a Samsung 4K Ultra HD screen of 28 inches width. The creativity will be stored in the distance on the 1Biennale server and is created and on Kerupa’s screen. I said it. The server hosted by OVH in Paris gets Kerupa’s clicks, the inputs made, the textures loaded. It is the Hypergrid networt Kerupa uses, a fast connection to a world known as opensimulator, originally based on Berkeley software. Kerupa Flow has carefully prepared all the textures via Gimp and Photoshop, everything in black and white which will lead to the title of the work. When later at the Grand Opening of the Biennale one will meet Kerupa, the artist, Kerupa will be seen as a young lady with black hair. That is the way Kerupa will be identified. I said Ident Unit in a side remark in meeting of Art Blue. Everyone has a tag identifier an unique key, called UUID for Avatars (Universal User Identifier) and also a name so things do not looks as digital as they are. Kerupa Flow or 45afd5a7-a417-4b06-80d4-b90dce023133, the UUID, the Avatar key are technically the same. In theory there could be more than one Kerupa Flow around but only one with this UUID is the creator of Wobbling Black and White. Shall I from now on say 45afd5a7-a417-4b06-80d4-b90dce023133? I hope you will be fair in time to this Kerupa and point to this work I describe when speaking of it and not point to another Ident Unit who claims the same name. Let us stand together and not give these cheaters or a copybot the credits and the honor of creating one of the most outstanding immersive artworks ever made in the beginning of the Digital Anthropocene: Wobbling Black and White.

You wait to read some lines about what I see? You really think I can put in words what immerses in me? Many failed when it comes to deep impacts. Many tried, I have to say. Some did not fail. One I remember well, a writer from the past who did not fail and also one in the future who did not fail. The nice thing is that both use the same lines, which can be seen as a meeting of Black and White. And here are the lines:

In the year 2375, Kathryn Janeway, Commander of the Star Trek Voyager, is reading a translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy, written in 1295, to the holographic Doctor, who was suffering with an ethical conflict. She read:

“In that book which is my memory,

On the first page of the chapter that is the day when I first met you,

Appear the words, ‘Here begins a new life’.”

The name of the woman in the year 1295 was Beatrice Portinari.

I would love to meet Kerupa Flow, maybe Kerupa is female and the reborn Beatrice Portinari and I begin a new life in just Black and White. Watching the busts, the birds inside the cube looking at me, always turning their face to me, never off from me. Watching different types of humans walking along in the cube in different directions, but when it comes to focus on me, then I am noticed, noticed by Kerupa Flow. There is a plate of honor inside. I click on it and a message comes in a bowser, something that existed at this time separately to the world, a sort of ping to outside and a ping by the artist was given.

“… With my art, I think it would be good if one could shift how to see things and get another perspective.”

I secretly stick another plate next to it, “Winner,” I stated there of “The Award.”

I click on CU and say, “Copy.” CU says, “Scanning with emotions?” I said, “You mean like in the Futuristic Congress with Robin Wright?” Of course CU knows what I mean and does a full upload, for the servers on Mars to come, you know.

“We want to scan you. All of you – your body, your face, your emotion, your laughter, your tears, your climaxing, your happiness, your depressions, your… fears, longings. We want to sample you, we want to preserve you, we want… all this, this… this thing, this thing called…”Robin Wright”.

I just would not go as far as Jeff, the director at Miramount. He said on being asked by Robin Wright: “What will you do with this… thing ? That you call Robin Wright?”

– He said: “We’ll do all the things that your Robin Wright wouldn’t do.”

… see for Kerupa Flow: https://1biennale.wordpress.com/td7/

[to make it clear, this text is an artistic expression in a novel, whatever B DOT BLUE says is it. It is no issue to change the name of the artist and the installation to “Unknown”]

Feedback by Kerupa Flow:

[12:29] Kerupa Flow: Thank you Juliette, I read Art’s novel. It’s very interesting and I am surprised again that my art is understood very well. Of course I am glad that I can appear in this piece. Thank you so much, big hugs for you two.

[12:32] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): Oh this is great news Kerupa! Art is very happy and would like to post your response above to the website where the example is located? May he?
[2018/11/21 05:52] Kerupa Flow: Hi, Juliette, sure, I agree.