Kerupa Flow: Wobbling Black and White

Wobbling Black and White. Hey, What’s Up, what’s going on? There is nothing like you. Hands are reaching out to you in Kerupa Flow’s Artist Cube.


You need a song to listen to in case you can’t log in right now and see what is going on inside Kerupa Flow’s Artist Cube. I know I can say this to many contributions, but Black and White is Minimalism you have to wobble with. I am known as the first artist doing this, making even a philosophy out of it 40 years ago: The Computer Minimal Art formula, reducing forms, colors and movements. But that is not a page about me. It is about the work created for you, reaching out to you. You need to move around, the whole room is animated.

So there a song to listen. Of course in Black and White.

Kerupa Flow’s message fits well: “… With my art, I think it would be good if one could shift how to see things and get another perspective.”


I will tell you how Wobbling Black and White wobbled in. There was one day left to submit the Artist cube and there was no sign of Kerupa Flow. That is nothing special. Many apply and then finally they withdraw or just forget about things. The argument, “Real Life. I had RL.” Usually, the other person nods in understanding. “Real Life comes first.” I think they mean something different. If you have a skype call and say, that you come, would you later say, “a landline appointment comes first?” But things are as they are in the Beginning of the Digital Anthropocene. Some don’t take virtual commitments seriously.


I sent Kerupa Flow an IM, reminding him or her, who knows, on the deadline for 1Biennale. I have to add against the recommendation of the assistant curator. “Kerupa has it all, got updated every week,” she said. A few minutes after I had sent the IM I got a TP invite to come. It was all ready. Kerupa said, “I did not know that I am late, but you see it is all ready. Do I need to upload it to your grid? What was the name? I am from Japan.”


Sometimes you are lucky as the head curator. The work wobbled in.

There is nothing like you Kerupa Flow. Wobbling Black and White you find at the landset Blue Light. The Artist Cube was placed by Juliette Surreal-D. inside Betty Tureaud’s Temple of the judging God.