Uan Ceriaptrix: A green singularity device

Uan brings nature to digital art worlds.


He is a biologist and works for the rescue of nature, not for its conservation as you might have in mind knowing the movie Silent Running [1972]. Uan’s digital creations are reflecting his mission. As you can see I support this mission. I point to the welcome sign.


Uan Ceriaptrix, the planter …

In case you ever will have the joy to meet Uan, the Avatar I mean, you will never forget “it.” Uan is a plant with legs and arms, so the “it” gender does not fit. Uan has a biological heart, a tomato.

In 2014 Uan made the planter for the contribution Dreamt Forest by Greece artist Navah Dreams to the Santorini Biennale. Navah in her blog: “The 2014 Santorini Biennale got 1,668 applications. I am one of 56 creations happy of being selected.” She used the planter to give her Forest a voice, to plant 1,668 trees on a sim. It was the first virtual art contribution in a real Biennale opening the door to a new section: IMMERSIVIA.

I wrote on a story traveling to the Biennale with Eugene Goostman for rez Magazine. Find out how it is connected to Uan, the planter.

Uan calls the Pavilion he created for 1Biennale, A green singularity device and he tells us, “Singularity as a technological goal of the century, plants, animals, fungi and other living beings as a priority for the conservation of our own species in a potential world of love and wealth for all beings that populate the Earth.”