Bryn Oh: Long Legged Maskitts

Bryn Oh created a Pavilion for 1Biennale, The Long-Legged Maskitts.


In case you found this page via the QR-Code “” that is printed in the book 1Biennale: Living in a Coded World – or by clicking on the information button in the landset – then you might expect to get now all the information about this outstanding artist.


I decided not to condense words about Bryn Oh on one page. It is the way art in virtual worlds looks: Scattered. You have to search, to do research. Luckily the name Bryn Oh is not a display name, like many artists in virtual realms use, so the name can be seen from outside as rather fluid. The best example is Molly Bloom. Bryn Oh is the “real name” of this artist. Really? It is a real character, an Intellectual property. That might be the best expression. Enter and you find all you need for a start.

Juliette Surreal-D. selected the following Artist Cubes to be placed inside The Long-Legged Maskitts:

Thoth Jantzen: Surreal Time — The evolution of a theme
SecondHand Tutti: Tea Time with Tutti
JadeYu Fhang: Protest

This page is also linked to Thoth Jantzen: In Surreal Times. For SL15B, the 15th anniversary of Second Life, Thoth Jantzen imported his cube into SL so artists living in this world could see the installation that was created in opensimulator.

There will be more to tell. Right now I embed the machinima for SL15B WizardOz Chrome created.

The video The Electric Sheep does not really fit into this chapter. On the other hand, The Electric Sheep and The Long-Legged Maskitt have something in common: Both are real. The biological worlds get digital and the virtual worlds get real.

The Long-Legged Maskitt Award shall be kept secret for a little longer … The Grand Opening of the IMMERSIVIA at the Santorini Biennale will happen on November 1st, 2018. You see below: Book and the awards: both are real. Of course, the Art inside the book is real. It is a matter of perspective. Is a photo in your smartphone real?


I will hand you over at the end of this page to the end of the book 1Biennale. There you find a link …


Click on it right now.