Thoth Jantzen: In Surreal Time

Artist Cube by Thoth Jantzen: In Surreal Time – An evolution of a theme.


There is a lot to tell about Thoth Jantzen. I selected Thoth as the first #avataroftoday


Success without integrity means nothing
Your belongings don’t make you a better man
Your behavior does
Integrity is how you behave and is nothing to be gained
You make a living by what you get
We make a life by what we give
Choose to strive for more
For the better
Every hour, every day

The lines and the play is inspired by ANDY WARHOL and HUGO BOSS, outperformed by Chris Hemsworth giving the lyrics his voice in an AD of Hugo Boss Perfumes …

Inspired by successive surreal images on time and mortality, Thoth Jantzen extends the concept into virtual reality, creating an immersive 3D multi-media environment.
Visitors need to activate media stream for full effect.

And again … you have to step inside to see what Thoth created for 1Biennale.