Gem Preiz: Isometrix

The work of Gem Preiz is driven by precision, endurance and vision. His contribution, Isometrix, gives a glimpse of what his work stands for. Gem is the highest credited fractal artist in Avatar based worlds.


He has been featured in rezmagazine many times. Enter Isometrix and become immersed inside his fractal genius.

Gem Preiz created the installation first in SL for me, so it was more easy for me to motivate other artists working in this world to join the opensimulator world. Thank you. Enjoy the short video I made.


How I, Art Blue, met Gem Preiz:

I really don’t remember excatly when Gem and I met first, but what I do remember is that I was fascinated by his work from the start.

I showed Art Eames, who was my student at the time in my lab what Gem made. Art Eames was creating fractals with a program I’d given him to complete his project, “A Genesis in the 4th Grid.”

I start with Parameter Art when my new students want learn digital-born art. “Just use the sliders, set some parameters and experiment,” I usually say and add, “I give you three days, then show me a story in pictures.” Gem Preiz does this well. He inspired me to write The Cathedral Dreamer, published in rez Magazine in February, 2014.

Gem Preiz is also the first artist whose builds were conserved in opensimulator on a full landset.

Read the story, send an e-mail. The Tight VNC viewer in Paris is ready for you load The Cathedral Dreamer.