There are two workshops for OPENSIMULATOR that will happen at September 17, 2018 in Berlin at KW-Institute. After the workshops will be the Press Conference for 1Biennale and for the Digital Art show IMMERSIVIA at the 4th edition of the Santorini Biennale. Attendants to the workshop are invited to stay and to join.
PRESS CONFERENCE: 18:00 h local time
GRAND OPENING BERLIN: 19:00 h & Presentation of the book LIVING IN A CODED WORLD – HANDOUT to contributors. Ending at 20:30 h.


You may have heard or read that the Green Kangaroo has a lot to tell. Depending on the mood the gained knowledge the kangaroo will change color to Red and Blue. If you have not heard about the Green Kangaroo, then enter kangaroo in the SEARCH field of the blog. You will notice, like in the chapter Anthem, that the Green Kangaroo is very smart. You will become as smart when your have met the Kangaroo. Art Blue created the kangaroo in the server as an example to work with. You will get a copy of it – in case you don’t fail in the workshop, so dont fail! I speak as an Artist to you, so relax, you will not fail.

You might understand that it took quite a discussion with it, or he, or she, the kangaroo you know, can be of any gender, like an Eye, the Eye, the Eye-Avatar. But to work with the famous kangaroo, instead with an eye, might be more fun. So you know now that in each opensimulator is a kangaroo living. Some say it is a Hippo — the official genderless Avatar being an element of the Opensimulator logo — but according to Art Blue it is a Green Kangaroo which turns to Blue when there is higher knowledge gained, the secret knowledge of the world the kangaroo lives in.

BLUE.KANGAROO.GREEN — The Green Kanagaroo gets Blue = KANGAROO.BLUE

A little silly, a litte weird? Just to make you smile and you don’t fear to attend.


Art Eames will be teaching, he is no kangaroo by God’s sake no, so you can feel safe. In real life, Daniel Jung, is a software developer in Berlin. He set up the first opensimulator running for Santorini Biennale in 2013 … Uan Ceriaptrix created the Gardener, the Garden Avatar, for Dreamt Forest. Here a blog post by Nara Nook capturing the atmosphere nicely …

Relax, note the date, book the travel and a stay, pay the fee – via paypal or via bank transfer … The fee is 90,00 Euro for both workshops and 50,00 for attending only the first only.

WORKSHOP KANGAROO GREEN: 10:30 h local time

Introduction to Opensimulator using a local Opensimulator (Diva edition.)

You will learn

– how to install Opensimulator on a Windows desktop.
– how to create, load and backup a world.
– how to copy and upload inventory
– how to manipulate objects
– Console commands as needed

This allows you to take care of worlds you have created on your own, no matter if created in Second Life or in opensimulator. You get a full world from 1Biennale as a gift which you will also use as a sample in the workshop.

Technical steps:

Installing Opensimulator on your notebook with an embedded Lite Database
Installing and configuration of the Firestorm viewer for local use
Creating an local Avatar as a noob and upgrading it
Excursion: How to use to create a Meshavatar

End: 13:30

Fee: 50 Euro


Hosting a grid Opensimulator on a server.

Begin: 14:30

For attendants of the Blue Workshop or for persons who run already an opensimulator at home. We will use the Metro-Edition for setting up the grid server which has a SQL Database. The server will be connected to the hypergrid, so Avatars can jump to other grids. You will experience how it was done by Art Eames for 1Biennale. Out of this you may find your way to go forward. Many have done this successful for a “home-server”. The workshop will answer as many questions you have. It will also show the webinterface Metropolis offers for hosted regions.

In an excursion will be shown: How to run a local opensimulator in a local network. This is of interest for classroom situations.

At the end you can take part in a short test to proof your knowledge for running a local opensimulator. Depending on the result you will be given knighthood for a Blue or a Green Kangaroo. If you need more time to gain the level “Kangaroo Green” you get a task to work out at home.

End: 17:30

Fee: 40 Euro

For both Workshops you need: A Windows notebook with WLAN – Windows 7 or 10 32 or 64 bit – A USB stick with 1 GByte

All times in CET (Berlin time).

The workshop will be held by VISIT e.V., a non-profit society for education in the arts. The fee is a legal requirement.

VISIT e.V. – Bank für Sozialwirtschaft IBAN … BIC …