Gaianed: Homage M.C. Escher

Gaianed has dedicated himself to create beautiful things fitting to the epoche of Louis XIV. Each item leaving his workshop turns out to be exceptional.


How I, Art Blue, met Gaianed:

I was searching in 2009 for a builder to create a visionary place in which digital art works could be shown and kept alive over time.

A friend mentioned Gaianed, who was building in Second Life but under a different name, as the very best builder of castles. “But he needs many prims,” he added. “Thats no issue in opensimulator worlds,” I replied, “I can give him a prim allowance of 5,000.” And so I met Gaianed. For hours he showed me his builds and most importantly he was willing to rebuild one for my mission in opensimulator.

For several weeks, Gaianed worked on recreating a fine castle. I named it Castle Petrov. I set-up an art cooperative with artists from the UK, Germany and Greece, naming it “Mechanic Dreams.” We made quite a few quite stunning trips and could present the first digital art museum in opensimulator at the Greek-German Summit, 2013, being invited by the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, Dr. Philipp Rösler.

After presenting for the last time in 2014 at the European Passages initiative at Cap San Diego, Hamburg, the group faded, but the work remains.

Gaianed created the first palace, Palace Petrow, which got hosted by Space.Net Ag Munich to make an art calendar for 2013 for this company, called Avatarkunst.

The HG Safari visited Homage M.C: Escher in a sneak preview in early 2018, celebrating a Grand Ball held inside to promote the 1Biennale project.


Here are some screenshots from 1Biennale Homage M.C. Escher