All the pages of 1Biennale.org are hosted by the free plan of WordPress for a reason. WordPress offers to let them run for an UNLIMITED TIME as they generate income by placing advertising inside. I have pages where The Foundation [or sponsors] pays for running them and you don’t see any advertising there, like IPSUM.BLUE matched to the “https://” secured site IPSUMBLUE.COM. Sadly there is no hoster offering at least a 100-year prepaid plan. Only the mostly forgotten internet domain pioneer INTERNIC – now part of Networksolution group – has once offered a 100 year domain pre-payment, which I took for some domains, like xxl.net or by42.com. For the content, the pages created, I am still searching for such an offer one can trust. That’s why I let 1Biennale.org run on a free plan, so the content hopefully stays here and can be crawled for an UNLIMITED TIME.

Quarum quidem rerum eventa magis arbitror quam causas quaeri oportere. … Observata sunt haec tempore immenso et significatione eventus animadversa et notata … hoc sum contentus quod etiamsi quomodo quidque fiat ignorem, quid fiat intelligo.
[I think it is better to inquire to the results of such things rather than their causes. … These things have been observed for a great length of time and have been noticed and recorded. … I am content that, although I don’t know by what means something happens, I understand that it does happen.]
Cicero De Divinatione 1.

from: Various Thoughts on the Occasion of a Comet
by Pierre Bayle