FreeWee Ling

The artist cube Precession, made by FreeWee Ling takes you on a ride. As long as the machinima of 1Biennale is not finished I can’t take you on this ride. I can show you how it looks when I stand inside like you will stand and gasp as I did. Let me enter slowly …





In the book you find:

Presession takes you on a ride. It is inspired by the rotational motion of celestial bodies. By focussing on one of the moving elements you drift around. FreeWee Ling is a honorary fellow of The University of Western Australia where she got a grant for creating virtual art. A must to see especially when you like digital-born art being expressed minimal.”

You say having seen the work Precession inworld, “Even then it will be different.” You are right.


I am very happy that FreeWee made an Artist Cube for 1Biennale. I decided to put her Green Robot, which she donated years ago to the Vulcanicus collection at the end of the 1Biennale book [page 106]. Maybe this shows it a little: Thank you FreeWee