The show must run

I call Gem Preiz and I call Second Hand Tutti.

In politics, and I am deep in politics, it is like, gosh do I really need to say it? Are talk shows, when it comes to politics, are not all the same? For a debate, one actor must be from the establishment and one not. Seems we are back at Heinz and Wurzen. The establishment meets the underdog.

Gem Preiz to call Heinz and SH Tutti Wurzen? Oh no, no. That is the evilness on Art that runs on femto speed. You fire faster than your brain. You say, no worries, we know it. You want to say it is just an example of a Bing. A slip out of the President. Later called faked news. “I never called Second Hand Tutti a ketchup. I love all women.”

So, I will call Gem Preiz the leading fractal artist who contributes to the Biennale with a new made immersive fractal installation, called Isometrix. I will call SH Tutti … one moment … second hand … contributing something … let me see if I find it … Ah, The Teacups.

I will welcome and ask the Lady first, of course. I prepare my warmup talk now. Let me put my draft into the Sapir-Whorf machine, a machine that analyses the whorfianistic competence to see if a simple mind will find some humour in it when I made the intended artificial pauses, the three dots […] above.

Me: “Hello Gem, my old friend, nice you made it to Onawero, must have been a hard trip as it was for me.”

Gem: “Hi Art, not at all. Since Metro has opened a new station in Paris Montmartre it is just a 10 minutes’ drive with the Metro to OVH.”

Tutti: “OMG. I travelled for 24 hours. I don’t have OVH at my door. Gem got here first, no fair.”

Me: “But you sent Nomi ahead. Nomi was here before Gem. So, what’s your problem?”

I let the kangaroo intercept, you know the green one, saying, “Where is Nomi. I want to meet Nomi?” And I hear the audience cheering, because I blend pre-recorded cheers in, “Nomi, Nomi, Nomi!” and look to Gem Preiz. He also cheers, “Nomi.” I think I don’t need to say more. You already got your story: Wurzen, Sterni, now Nomi. All is connected. Art means emotions on a fingertip. What to do when it goes to emotions? All turns to Blue. The underdog kicks the Master off. You can’t fight it. You need to relax. You must take it. Best you make a concept out of it. You call it DEFCON BLUE and you Fade Out as NORAD recommends for the lowest state of readiness.

I relax and fade out the cheers “Nomi, Nomi, Nomi” as soon as I get the result from the Sapir-Whorf machine. It says that I must call Nomi onto stage. I do so, and you see what happens. Nomi has no voice, so Tutti must speak for her. “Through a bursting frame,” the kangaroo adds. That is all you need to know when Tutti is in Onawero becoming as famous as Rembrandt in your time. It is written in the widest published magazine ExpoTime, having 243,000-real readers. Whatever real means might stay a mystery.