Vagabond Wanderer: In His Dominion

The cube In His Dominion is placed inside of Barry Richez Pavilion. A must to see. Symbolism with many layers. A green flag at the entrance invites you to enter.


Vagabond Wanderer

Vagabond offered me to create something special fitting for the Pavilion made by Barry Richez. I said to him that an Artists Cube has to fit into any Pavilion, that we decide on the final work.


Then he spoke to the assistant curator Juliette about, “The decision process.” She might have said, “That it will be mostly her turn and she will find a way he is happy with …”

At the end, In His Dominion, found its dominion. Vagabond’s work was placed inside the Pavilion where, due to the artist, it is meant to be.


Barry Richez Pavilion is the only one with transparent walls inside. You have a great view standing inside In His Dominion to the outer world. Also the sculptures the artist created have this view. Just imagine what they see. The standing wolf does not have this view. Many layers open a variety of interpretations.


I used Barry’s Pavilion by myself to demonstrate how a Glass Labyrinth, which I created as an example for the Advanced Light model, could be placed in a Pavilion. You could still walk around in an infinite room.