Me and My Rhythmbox

How does Me And My Rhythmbox connect to 1Biennale? There might be more as the four connectors I present right now:


In case you have seen Liquid Sky [1982] in the early 80th and read the God of Informatics you may instantly understand and feel the connection. It is an ongoing one. Slava Tsukerman plans to come back to glory with Liquid Sky 2 to bring another ” …. fundamental study of contemporary art” [as Liquid Sky was called in the 80s.]


That’s why I contacted Slava to approve the statement for the book. Sadly I did not catch him. Then I asked Neo Gurgelwasser if he would write something fitting and he said “yes” ….

Then Slava Tsukerman contacted me and said “sorry, I had technical difficulties with my webserver” and he gave me his Gmail. I sent him the book and got this reply:

“Dear Reiner, The book is impressive. You may go ahead with including me. Please send me the link to the final result. Best, Slava.”

So that’s now the final cover:




Gamers may connect Liquidsky with an interactive streaming application. The company says: “Use our platform to host, compute, and stream your AR, VR, & other interactive applications with the lowest latency from our GPU cloud.”


Art Eames created, based on H.W. Franke’s first digital art machine MONDRIAN [1979], a version in 3D running in opensimulator. The machine works similar as the Rythmbox. The artform is called VJ – Visual Jockey or Light Jockey. Laibach might be one of the most noted performers. You will find more on this in the book …



Me And My Rhythmbox is preprogrammed. Watch the movie [Time Stamp: 2:50] and you will notice this fact. What is pre-programmed? Does Randomness exist? A big question in the Sand Bible: Not Sand, Not Sound.


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