SL15 Birthday

There will be a Grand Opening of 1Biennale to celebrate the 15the anniversary of Second Life. It will happen on June 28, 2018 in Second Life at ….

MAP SL15B Electrify 1


How the Grand Opening will begin …

Do Androids dream of electric sheep?
The Grand Opening of 1Biennale in SL

Art: Welcome Avatars, welcome Android. Welcome Sheep. Today we shall solve the question of Life, The Universe and Everything.


What is the difference between an Avatar and an Android?

Who knows it? Avatars first. You have 30 seconds to post your thoughts into open chat. Let us turn windlight to midnight so to rise the level of concentration.


If you don’t have a Second Life account, then you can get a weblink for the show to see live. IM Art Blue or send an email info (at)


The other Grand Opening of 1Biennale happens in Santorini on November 1, 2018.


On September, 17 will be the press conference and a seminar How to use Opensimulator in the arts in Berlin at KW.

The 1Biennale book Living in a Coded World will be presented first in public INWORLD on June 28, 1:00 PM PDT at SL15B Electrify 1