Paul Atreides – Brazen Bull

Paul Atreides is a person of many faces. But what counts most Paul supports the arts from 2006 onwards. So many creations and buildings all superb, some take your breath away.

The Brazen Bull is a kind of artwork that makes 1Biennale complete. Paul gave me some choices to select from. Some shining pieces and some for a smile. I took the Brazen Bull. So many people in the world suffer in ways there are no words for.

The Artist Cube Brazen Bull was placed inside the Pavilion Cloud Atlas made by Space Cadet and the walls have been textured by Juliette Surreal-D for dramatic effects. The Brazen Bull is disturbing and shocking. The creation points to the past and to the future. If you spend some time on the theme you will find out. I say in the 1Biennale book: “The modern forms of torture will be much more sophisticated. The torturer will use just tablet and mouse to do whatever is possible.”




Explore on your own the different windlight settings to find out why there is a warning sign at the entrance.

Paul Atreides has some names in virtual worlds. His friends know them.