Space Cadet: Cloud Altas

The Artist cube Cloud Atlas is in the center of a medieval house structure. Cloud Atlas became the home for two Artist Cubes: The Molly Bloom Museum and Brazen Bull by Paul Atreides.

Landset Lighthouse was created by Juliette Surreal-D.

In the background, Dr. K. [by Renn Yifu] inscribes in the Volcano of Art the names of the contributors to be sent by lightbeams to planet DRON7 where the alien dog FLA lives who contacted earth on his way to the Bruckner Concerthouse [a story by Zeno Astronen].


Art Blue about Cloud Atlas:

“When I worked on the concept that a cube shall become a universal container for art inside a Pavilion I needed to see if the dimensions I had in mind would work. Would there be enough space, enough room left for a Pavilion designer if the Artist Cube was a fixed size of 32 meters?”

I asked Space Cadet if she could create a build of high density around a blue cube where the cube would still be very prominent to see, like a big ice cube, an ice machine being held together by the build. The stunning result: The Cloud Atlas.


When standing on top you can literally feel that this Cloud Atlas is a Cave system. I will add the links to the machines that are inside at a later time. You know, the Grand Opening of 1Biennale in an immersive way in Santorini is still to come [November, 1st, 2018]. Note the Press Conference is on September 17, 2018 in Berlin at KW-Institute.