Louis Wu Cyberklon

In the 1Biennale book, I say about Louis, “All we need to do is to decipher the code of Louis Wu.”


I was asking Louis to contribute to 1Biennale, “Just something.” He told me days before that he is too busy — but as I did not give up he added, “If I make something it has to be not just something, I need to work it out … and this takes time … ” and after a long pause he said, “Art, what have you got by now?”

No need to explain what I got, you see it when you enter the world of Lichtbringer. Lichtbringer is his brand, in fact of a small group of artists. I am not sure if they still perform, Louis has taken a break, but the Artist Cube Reflexion in 1Biennale as I called it will stay.


Juliette Surreal-D added some statues to increase the feeling of being immersed in the cube Louis contributed to 1Biennale. His construction uses infinite reflections, creating depth beyond the dimensions of the cube.


Some shots out of the epic performances of Lichtbringer. I am happy and a bit proud that the group once performed on land I gave them as they have been in need.