JadeYu Fhang: Protest

Protest. If there would be more Artist cubes of such a kind, such an energy you might need an Aspirn or an infusion or just a break. Looking at Protest for some time to capture the beams, the movement of the hand in the backgroud, the reflections showed me that Protest is here, but I can’t find the right words to say except: just protest.


I am in all pictures. Click and zoom – you will find me in the distance. I will never make a photo and not be there in person. This way I care about the IP rights of an artist. They shall be safe. I can protest if you post a copy and you don’t credit Art Blue looking at JadeYu Fhang. Read in rez Magazine about the 1st amendment to the constitution of Avatar rights! No photo of an Avatar without GDPR! You have been informed. You must agree: Don’t protest!



JadeYu Fhang, her roots …

In the 60s, Algerian born, JadeYu Fhang, immigrated to France, making a life for herself there as a creative artist. Her plight from an oppressive world, and especially severe treatment against women, is reflected in her builds. One’s tragic roots are hard to sever.

I have known and worked with JadeYu for some years now and my favorite installation of hers is still Roots & Wars, which can be loaded on demand in open simulator. I wrote about this installation for CNN [2014]. On Roots & Wars, it was commented to JadeYu by Ervare, the curator then, as being “A kingdom for a skull.” Perhaps ignoring him, she told him that the skull of the woman on the horse was made in mesh. “Mesh is forbidden by the Prim Gods of Egypt,” commented Ervare (which by the way is an old Afrikaans name, meaning “the one knowing” ). “Ervare, I like your humor,” She said, taking his comment lightly before informing him the date when her installation would open and then telling him that she felt her work held no humor and, infact, there was no space left for humor on it.” Perhaps the same logic can be applied to her tragic Protest.