1Biennale will have Pavilions that are spread all over the world. “All over the world” means in fact all over the Mind. As some minds are still much too real to understand virtualization, lets start with continents: Europe, Africa, Australia … you got it 7 continents ~ at least by most it is said the world has seven continents. But some insist in a different number.  The 1Biennale is real, so let’s start with 7 Pavillions. The first 7 artists who will commit themselves to create a Pavilion will represent a continent. Really? Of course only for the “too real minds”.

Is this too much stress for you to read? You will see there is a quite complex approach behind, but for the participating artists we tried hard to make it very simple. Everyone can take part as it is was said by Philip Rosedale over 15 years ago “it all starts with a cube“. Go down to the FAQs if you feel lost. There are the facts listed.

Maybe you have read the page about the Cubes? Then you know already that each Pavilion has a Grand Hall. Inside The Grand Hall is set in a Container for Art made by a different artist. This container, a cube, will be dynamically set in place. It means the container can be exchanged whenever needed. By a click, by time elapsed, by events to happen …

Each artist who wants to contribute to the 1Biennale will get a curator, a helper, a friend assigned. So there is no need to outline more here so it looks like very complicated. There are nearly unlimited options behind this concept. You get the basic build full perm and you will see a few samples … then you may set your creativity free.

The blue area (54 meter) is for setting up the Pavilion. There is a 4 meter wide walkway around spanning 64 meter.  There are usually stairs up to the entrance, because the floor of the Grand Hall Cube (green in the sketch) has to be 2 meter above base level. The entrance into the Grand Hall Cube has to be 12 meter in width and 6 meter in height. The entrance area (12×6 meter) has to be open (phantom) so Avatars can walk inside.

You see the Cube that can be set “into” the Grand Hall in this sketch below in green and the door to enter in yellow. Keep in mind that the Art Container will always be a Cube. The size of the Art Container Cube can vary from 10x10x10 meter until 31,96×31,96×25,96 meter with a thickness of 0,2 meter. You may understand later why this.

For now as a Pavilion maker just note that the Pavilion provides space of about roughly 32x32x26 meter for art made by a different artist.

The Grand Hall Cube entrance is, as said, 2 meter above the surface of the (blue) baseplate. This is important for the stairs which the Pavilion maker has to create fitting to the Pavilion. You are in no way forced to use the provided stairs sets. They are just to give you a working picture. This said, under the cube will be most often a baseplate of 2 meter (in the model in orange). This baseplate can be just a prim and can have a little overstand (0,2 meter). This concept allows to drill holes in the cube floor giving room below for light effects, for water, for whatever.

Best now to speak in the ways of FAQs:

Will a Grand Hall I make as a Cube always be seen? -> The Grand Hall has to be centered. Stated this the size of it matters. Is the size 32x32x26 (and the walls are 0,2 meters) then yes. An Art Container is always smaller so each container will fit inside. If you give your Grand Hall the size of a cube with 31,96×31,96×25,96 meter (and keep walls thin) then big Art Containers will eat your walls. See position and thickness of Art Containers. 

Shall the Grand Hall have textures inside? -> Yes, it has to be fully textured. Two sides (right-side and back-side) and ceiling have to allow an look outside. Have a look at the sample by Erico Lecker. The Grand Hall shall look good even when empty. There can be performances in it and also art can been shown as Avatar attachments. For this are two poseballs given on fixed positions that will bring an Art Holder Avatar Bot in a frozen state.

What types of builds I can create? -> A Pavilion with a Grand Hall that will stay as part of your Pavilion design of any dimension as long as you don’t interfere with a Art Container that will be set inside. In simple words: keep a cubic space of 31,96×31,96×25,96 free.  -> An Art Container that is inside the Grand Hall. For this don’t extend the dimensions over 31,94×31,94×25,94 and use thin walls. -> An Art Container that might take over a Grand Hall design. Let’s call it an Open Space Grand Hall. The size has to be 31,96×31,96×25,96 and 0,4 meter walls. 

I want a higher podest as the 2 meter for my Pavilion, like I see on the website, a cube hold above the ground by a big hand. Can I do this? -> Yes. Art Containers can get an offset in height. So instead of 2 meter you can go up to 34 meter with the floor. We don’t want to teleport when it comes to Pavilions, you have to provide a way up (stairs, bubbles, drifters, elevators, ladders, jumpers).

Can I create a different type of entrance? I don’t like the 12×6 meter “door”. -> Yes. For this you have to create a bigger Grand Hall and find a way to bring the visiting Avatars to the right position to enter an Art Container (on right floor level) that will be dynamically put into your Pavilion so the Avatars can step into the art container cube that is made by a different artist.