Watch out the presentation recorded at OCC17 …

1BIENNALE will be presented at the Opensimulator Community Conference 2017 running from 09.-10. December by Art Blue and Juliette Surreal-D.


Open Calls for Builders [Pavilions], Artists [Cubes] and Directors [Theatre in The Sand]


Thanks to Exy Atreides and Art Eames who transferred Pavilions and to Venus Adored the performance About Sand from SL to opengrid so we can demonstrate the Dual World concept (SL and opensim) live at OSCC17. Watch out the machinima About Sand by WizardOz Chrome.

ABOUT SAND bridges from SL to opensim. Give it a try.

Download the SL / opensim edition of Firestorm


Check out the page: http://www.firestormviewer.org/downloads/


Then choose Metropolis Metaversum and use the demo Avatar 1Biennale Resident. You get a one time password from a member of the 1Biennale team. In case you don’t know anyone then ask Art Blue, Juliette or Art Eames in SL.

Keep in mind for later Metropolis grid is not the 1Biennale grid. Metropolis provides a VAR Region (1024×1024 meter) as a sandbox. SIM name: Biennale Digitale.

Get to know how to rez and to build, upload a sample (Dae Mesh, Linkset) and texture so you are fine to bring a built in from a different grid (SL, opensim]. For the 1Biennale you get your Avatar after your contribution was accepted in early 2018. Most contributions will be worked out at Metropolis Biennale sandbox.