In Mitra Medusa Inri

In Mitra Medusa Inri is beyond …

I don’t know what you adore of things running beyond the mainstream. Maybe Gattaca when you dream of space?

In fact, it is a movie about endurance, vision and to overcome limits. Mitra Medusa Inri is about what you feel when you made it beyond the limits …

I don’t understand why the video has only 4,500 views. Maybe I don’t get the world and I have to, “Take off and start to hoover.”

In the book 1Biennale, I say, In Mitra Medusa Inri stands for creating Excitement … that is all I can offer you to understand the Final Speech.

Thank you In Mitra Medusa Inri for allowing me to reprint the lyrics in the book.

“out of the light
will you find him tonight
and take off and start to hoover …”