In  the printed version of the book

Living in a Coded World 

you find some QR-Codes ready to use. This is the technical advice given in the book:

This book contains codes in a square picture-like format, called QR-Code for Quick Response. Each QR-Code gives a link to the internet, mostly to pictures in jpeg format. The notation is http://xyz.1biennale.org – where xyz varies. If you are able to open the links provided, please do so. Each modern smartphone has the ability to read a QR-Code and then to open the link in the web browser that is embedded in the phone. For this you need to download a QR-Code reader and hold your camera over the code field. Keep in mind that this works only if you have a good internet connection.

If you don’t have a smartphone or you would like to see the content on your notebook or desktop, using a bigger screen, then enter the internet link manually. The notation is very short and easy to remember. All you have to do – just now – to get the machinima The Surreal Cube by WizardOz Chrome on screen, giving the QR-Code hereby as an example, is to enter http://ml3.1biennale.org in a web browser.

WizardOz Chrome will work on a machinima for 1Biennale, which will be presented on November 1st, 2018 at the 4th edition of Santorini Biennale.