Moewe Winkler: Just Talking A Bit

It is a joy to see and hear the Speaking Fish, as I call the installation Just Talking A Bit. You have to call the Fish to come. Ask Art Blue how to do.


Moewe would surely deserve an award but she opted for “out.” I am sure she did it on purpose so others have a chance. Come in, click the START button and see what happens inside.


It’s not Kurt Schwitters you hear, it is made for digital times.

Art Blue, Moewe Winkler and Dada:

There are some artists you meet and instantly know there is more to them than meets the eyes. You say, “Is this not defining Art?” You mean of course the old term for Art, not the one in our times that Art is an abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. You mean analog-born art? Whatever you mean when it comes to Moewe Winkler you have to forget everything.


Moewe brings the times of Dada back. I spoke with Moewe some years ago about her first installation The Speaking Fish. I quoted words of Kurt Schwitters Ursonate [1925] that came up in my mind. Moewe told me her grandfather published a work of Schwitters.

There is no project where I don’t invite Moewe to take part in.


Cube location at: x 225.82 y 182.82 z 46.8 rot 90 0 270