The Touch

In the book 1 Biennale your find these words:

Ladies and gentlemen.
Good art touches us. Usually, we mean that in the metaphorical sense. A work of art moves us, gets us thinking or — why not? — makes us angry. What gives the works submitted to 1Biennale so much originality and vitality is that it also touches us *literally*. There’s never a sign posted next to a work insisting that we ‘Do not touch’. There’s never a security guard who intervenes if you get too close, if you reach out your hand because you’re curious. The art that the creators of Pavilions and cubes have created is all about touching. …”  ~ see Kitty Zijlmans [2016] 1)

Juliette Surreal-D found a way to make The Touch work by hanging blue crystal carbon vines dedicated to each contributor. Click on the vine and you are brought closer to the artist you are interested in. A Happy Touch!

Sadly you can’t touch and immerse here, you can just click to enlarge static pictures: So do the clicks on the ones I have uploaded to the web.

The landset Grand Opening shows the Pavilions by Bryn Oh and Art Eames with the Artist cubes of SH Tutti and Venus Adored inside.


Blue crystal altered carbon vines imprinted with the names of all 1Biennale participants hang in the delicate branches of The Cherry Tree, made by Cherry Manga. Each vine links to the corresponding Artist page.


1) Bluntly stolen and adapted from Kitty Zijlmans: Laudatio to Yvonne Dröge Wendel [Opening speech of the 2016 Dr A.H. Heineken Prize for Art]

The Touch stands also for the story in the book The Final Speech, which ends by the words: “… to be an owl would be nice.” In this story you see … what you see here … THE CITADEL and the Citadel Shadow