Venus Adored: Magic

The screenshots show effects that happen when you as an Avatar walk to the statue and you click on one of the boxes that have been placed by Venus Adored into the hand of the female bust. The cube Magic is part of the Cherry Tree landset of the Grand Opening in Santorini.



Venus Adored is a particle maker. Bryn Oh once stated watching her show, that she is simply the best. Luckily she performs for Art Blue’s projects in opensim. She created for the Signing Noob of Art Eames the particle effects.

Watch out also the Pavilion THE EYE by Venus Adored.

In her Artist cube Magic the female sculpture holds boxes in hands. Touch them, wait a bit, then see and feel what happens. 1)

Venus about herself:

“The reason for me to come into virtual worlds was curiosity. I had no idea what it was. I was obsessed by how people could make things. In the beginning of my virtual life in 2009 a friend took me to a particle show of Inspire Space Park. From that moment, I knew what I wanted to learn here in this virtual world: to make particles. Now I give my own shows now and then. Later on I learned to make objects. The Pavilion The Eye and the Art Cube Magic are two of the results.”


1) Your viewer needs to be set on advanced light, ultra graphics. This setting is supported by all major high-end graphics cards.