The Beauty of Nature

All landscapes have been created by Juliette Surreal-D.

Blue Light
Citadel Shadow
Mountain Range
Beauty of Nature
Grand Opening: The Soul of 1Biennale

Let me bring back the words I used as an opener for this book, taken from The Mechanism, a miniseries aired on Netflix. I streamline it a bit.

Let’s say, an accountant at the Federal Bureau searching for the bad guys, the tax avoiders you know, found 23 Million Dollars in a hidden account by a few mouse clicks while enjoying his Latte. His colleague showed him how much he suffers now as he has to count a few bags of cash he found. “That is a lot of work. It might be a few Million Dollars,” he stated and got back from the Latte guy a dry comment, “If you don’t want to work, become an artist.”

This is how Juliette might have felt at times when she brought, “Issues,” to my attention. So I gave her a joyful job, to create landscapes for 1Biennale.

Now you may play the Latte guy and say, “That’s my Pavilion there, that’s my artist cube, that’s my creation. I made it with a mouse click. Now I wait for the Maskitt Award.”

What I say in return, you ask? “Learn to work and become a landscaper.” Then you have to count and move 23,000 prims.


Beauty of Nature



you see me on top of Cloud Atlas enjoying the view at Blue Light


Landset Lighthouse


Landset Picnic