Cherry Manga: The Hive

Being familiar with virtual worlds you know her: Cherry Manga. I know her for long, not sure if from the beginning, but at least since 2008. She contributed The Chess to the Volcano of Art, she contributed Attraction, she contributed …

Maybe I just shall stop to tell and let you wait for the machinima of her latest show Fest’Avi 2018 in Francogrid. Until this, I embed the machinima of Fest’Avi 2016

You ask what about her contribution to 1Biennale? Shall I let you wait for this? I would like to do so because her installation changes in lights and reflections, it pulsates, I can’t capture it the way it would need.


WizardOz Chrome is filming it so you may get what I mean by saying that to catch the impression of The Hive is not an easy one … you may watch it in Santorini at the Biennale on November 1st, 2018 …



I wrote in the 1Biennale book: “The Hive keeps its promise by enveloping you in a matrix of light. You stand in the middle of light, moving, flickering, giving you illusions.”

Shall I take the illusions from you by some more screens I captured?

Join the Grand Opening in Berlin at KW Institute on September 17 [18:00 Berlin time] — and also join the grid on September 20 [1:00 PM PDT = 22:00 Berlin time].