Speaker: Today we write January 20, 2071 and the Infinite Drifters will vote for President. The inauguration happens after the voting, so we get our go. We will drift up to the Infinite Tower. Up to a height of 5065 meters where the Giant Wheel is waiting for us. We will have a home! We will have a life! We will have a President!

Welcome dear voters the candidates: Red and Green

This is the final debate live streamed on all stations. This time shall it not be the gender

Red: And not the hair! Not again the hair!

Speaker: Yes, no hair shall count! Last debate was unfair as the hair of the candidate was hacked by a foreign intruder and got messy.

Green: And not the shoes!

Speaker: Yes, no matter on shoes. We all know your shoes have been stolen and a chip was set in to make you hick in the debate.

Therefore, the candidates are behind the curtain in a Faraday cage to avoid any influences coming from outside beyond the borders *the speaker points to the neighbor states LEA26, 27, 29.

Green: it was an eleven-year-old aborigine who manipulated my shoes. I have him forgiven.

Speaker: We all know. It was in the Gazette. Red would say it was all planed, so silence please. *the Speaker steps forward *

Today we have the ultimate solution: The Machine of Truth. Before I bring the inventor of the machine on stage …

Audience – please stand up and hold the flag of the state of Infinite Drifters as we listen to the anthem.

Now please listen to the song – AMERIKA IST WUNDERBAR. Art Blue created a special cut that runs for two minutes that will be aired now. The play will continue after it. At the end of the play a translation of the lyrics that are partially in German language, into English will be provided.

Speaker: Nothing shall matter in this debate just the Truth. The Machine – invented by Art Blue programmed by Art Eames. Both are here to celebrate this historical event on January 20, 2071. Please welcome them.

Please take again seats. Today we have Florence84, chief editor of the Universal Gazette to call the final questions. The first question will go to Red. Please welcome Florence84.

Florence84: Thank you. I have my question ready. The machine shows it shall go to the candidate Red – as you said. The question itself will be kept secret. Only the machine knows it.

Red: *Laughs after the question was handed over* I don’t need any time for this. Here my answer:

Red: Free for all! When I will be President of AMERIKA I say: Free turkey f

Speaker: Turkey? That’s a country. You want to free it?

Red: Darn! It was Twitter. It cut my words after 140 digits. It meant the Thanksgiving turkey. Free for all! No longer just the rich may enjoy.

Green: Liar, there are not as many turkeys as inhabitants!

Red: I did not say that each one gets one turkey!

Green: So, a bone! Anyone who wants a bone on Thanksgiving shall vote for Red. I give up!

Red: A slice of turkey! A big slice. Not all are as hungry; some may like a small one.

Green: And the vegetarians?

Red: I don’t count on voters who don’t eat meat!

Speaker: I see the timer stopped. The machine has the vote to judge. Twieder? Art Blue? Is the Twieder working on it? What does the machine say? Who spokes the truth?

Art Blue: The machine says …. wait it calculates ….

Speaker: We wait …

Art Blue: It looks complex … the processor runs on 100 %

Art Blue: Now the Twieder has it. It comes …

Art Blue: The result is: 42

Art Blue: I need the question.


As it looked for the audience, which commented and applauded in the real running, that the play has come to an end the artist who received the land grand and built the tower, Art Eames stepped forward and said: “42 is a code. The code stands for FAKED NEWS. I told you Art the machine may have problems as FAKED NEWS are real news. I optimized Twieder for virtual worlds where all is faked. Let the one who is first on top of AMERIKA be the Tower President, just for today. I will check what to change in the code for the second run.”


As you may have noticed the play, The Inauguration, was written in memory of Douglas Adams and was inspired by Rammstein – AMERIKA IST WUNDERBAR

Translation of the lyrics at

You say that play was fun but not Art. I disagree. Dan Brown puts Art in a new role. Art means applied Artificial Intelligence. Now Art shall meet the Bings.

The length on a single Bing was once restricted to 140 characters and now it has doubled to 280 chars. You say Bings will always stay on quantity. You remember the Presidential word, “When somebody says something about me, I am able to go Bing, Bing, Bing and I take care of it.”  You say, “For quality it is not enough to have a double length on characters on twitter.” Indeed, you can make your re-posts of the President shorter. Two letters might be enough. It is called a Bing vote.

John O. Fus won the election by promising us to mean in a Bing.

All Bings have meaning.
Some Bings are short.
Conclusion: Meaning is short.
True or false?

I speak of cutting things down to gain meaning. We are nevertheless in a land of quantity. How can this be?

Take your time.

The answer is: Loop meaning. A loop it is, and I will educate you, so you understand the world, a world full of different wording for the same […] stuff. If you set in a different 4-letter word starting with “s” it is fine for me.

I know you don’t like to be educated the hard way. You fear I will copy lines from The Gods of Informatics or the Sand Bible you read. No worries dear reader, your support to fill my briefcase via the Amazon book shop shall not go unnoticed so I will copy instead word from rezmagazine.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, btw.

FOR K = 1 TO 1000

This code is a loop and it has meaning. That the LABEL is named 42 is explained in the Godsfile, in case you want to know more. It can be any number and the code works so you don’t need to dive into this 42-thing right now. The variable name K after FOR is a historic tribute, also not of deeper interest right now. It is just a placeholder that starts with 1 as you see the equal sign — and you see the TO behind? Of course, you see there is 1,000 after the TO. FOR means loop. K shall loop from 1 until 1,000. The default increase for K is 1.

I promised to educate you the simple way.

FOR K = 1 TO 1000 STEP 1

This is the same. Instead of the default, the step is set to 1, just written as a matter of law.

A default is something you shall not take lightly. It is when you expect something from your partner and she or he does it for a long time and then no longer. Got it? Never trust a default.

Better you make a lawsuit out of it and define the step. STEP = 2 means every second day, or every second as I want to stick to code. Fix the steps. Don’t let them be an option.

I tell you in this case you can trust the default. No STEP to be set needed. In Art We Trust. That is one of the key elements in your life. K increases by steps of 1 for each running of the loop. K = 1 goes for the first running, then K = 2 for the second one and the last one is K gets 1,000. So, the PRINT command in the code happens 1,000 times. No need to go deep into the algorithm to decipher if the printing of the hashtag SPAM, SPAM, SPAM and BEANS really happens 1,000 times or 999 or 1,001. Ask the AI you have, ask your smartphone. Artificial Intelligence on your fingertips Bill Gates would say if he would any longer speak. So implicit you got that CONTINUE means let the K move on upwards. Implicit doing of a code is also something nice. I used this nice concept. In old times I would have got a syntax warning or a missing LABEL. But in our times of Swordcoder the machine knows what you forgot and makes the loop complete. It sends, I stated PRINT, I could have stated WRITE or BEAM ME UP, or whatever my mind thinks, and the machine would send SPAM, SPAM, SPAM AND BEANS as a hashtag. A true Monty Piton, a hell of a meaning. Swordcoder of course corrects Piton to Python, but I am sure this you did already by yourself to gain meaning. I say send, but I shall say the machine fires to channel 9, which I set in parentheses. The reason is that the machines are hungry in Quantityland. They fire now. In good old times they took time for this, they printed on paper. There is no paper any more, there is also no air needed for fire, but that would be another story. To fire means just that it goes fast. Faster as you can think. The fire happens everywhere, every time. Remember supercomputer? You forgot to code PAUSE in your program. A big fault, but too late. Remember Wurzen, remember the fridge that is on its way to you. You fired. Art does not do it for less than to backfire. Let’s go on and see where it leads us. Channel 9 you must define. Sure, I can’t educate you to the fullest now. Let me make a trick and say channel 9 is connected to your friendslist, so you fire to them all. This is what every App, if you really want the App does, it fires to your friendslist. If you say, “I don’t give access,” you don’t get the App on your smartphone. It is a cold fire. The fire waits until you invite to your party. Heinz you remember. Bratwurst you remember. There is where Sterni comes to your friends as an AD by Wurzen. You are lucky in Quantityland. The Bavarian purity law protects your friends. Sterni is safe to drink, since 1516. But remember you need to travel to Onawero or stay in Bavaria. Germany is Bavaria? Yes, if it comes to the purity law, it is German law. Bavaria makes Germany great. The purity laws. Bing it.

Now you understand everything. A loop. A friendslist. A repeater. A copy pastes. A re-tweet. It is all the same. And on top you understand Bavaria. You see how easily coders and no-coders can communicate? Just by Art.

I hear a loud cry. This loop is infinite a coder would say and might add, “Even the most stupid AI has to see it.” Don’t insult my kangaroo! Why I do all the hard work if coding would be so simple? Rescue is on the way, when I later will reach out to the ambulance. It is called the theory of Halting.

Halting, such a big meaning when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, but sadly the human brain overloads so easily when hearing Art. There is no Halting in it. But I know the deal. It is called entertainment. So, time now for the artist dispute, the discussion between two masters of the arts to be aired on all channels.

At the end you deserve a visual bonus. Lichtbringer performed at the site this play happened for Art Around the Straw.