The Sand

The Sand performance by Venus Adored — what an event! In a theatrical play based on Not Sand, Not Sound Art Blue met Gina Inviere in a reading of ONIRITTI.

Some parts of this play made their way into 1Biennale.

ONIRITTI opens a door to a deeper understanding of a Digital Life. You find ONIRITTI for the first time mentioned in the Sand Bible in the chapter Jellydolls.


I know my readers’ feelings when saying Panem et Circenses and Jellydolls. Can any author offer more? You say to yourself “sure, a multiple-O.” What is a multiple-O? Must I tell you that the beach at Onawero is family rated? So think of an ice-cream cone now and add some extras, things your brain longs for but your body doesn’t deserve. Ah, sorry, the other way round? Maybe the desire patterns of the human brain are wired up totally different? What artificial desires shall we create for a stable mind sane and sound? All fitting to the picture we, the NGA-C have from the world, a world of alternate fact, words added and Beliefs set to create a new whitelist for mankind.

Do you remember terms in the Godsfile being on  the whitelist never been heard before? Oniritti is one of them. Never heard of it? Art Blue added secretly dream, graffiti and oniritti to server whitelists, so these words shall never be questioned as being a mental risk. That showed up as a big problem for one of the server farms, the inhabitants needed to be put in quarantine, but it also opened a door. That’s close to a multiple-O.

This is the historic reference when the first human in a server, CyberXstrike, rezzed Oniritti:

Oniritti Höhlenbilder (“oniritti cave pictures”) is a 2016 book by the German writer Botho Strauß. It consists of fragmentary scenes and dreamlike imagery, with a focus on problems related to a lack of privacy and imagination in the digital age. “Oniritti” is a combination of the Greek word “oneiros”, meaning “dream”, and “graffiti.


This shall become the big question, the Oniritti question: How to handle server exemptions and what to do with the Ident-Units inside?

But this question, full of implications that, right now, scare you is spared for later. I know you can’t wait now as the name of the world Oniritti is mentioned, but you will have to wait.