Lampithaler: Naked Pyramid Players

Lampithaler says about her work that she wanted to make a statement against the “growing censorship in art.” The strong bond in her colourful shapes seems to represent the intensity of her mission. Her build is based on movement and color.


To be truely appreciated, one must immerse themself, via an Avatar, inside her Artist cube.


Lampithaler, once upon a time…

Once upon a time an artist finished the work, was proud when packing it, wrapping it up for delivery, calling the post office for a pickup. The postman came, grabbed it and right in the moment when he placed the parcel on his van it slipped off and fell on the ground. The artist said to the quite shocked man, “Oh, that can happen, let’s see inside if it is still fine.” When the artist re-opened the parcel all was broken to pieces. The artist said, “I might need a day to repair it. Can you come again tomorrow?” The postman could not believe what he heard. The artist continued, “That’s not a big deal. I know now how to link the parts together and how to fix the scripts.” The name of the artist: Lampithaler. The name of the story: A true one.


Lampithaler is a painter, sculptor and storyteller. Juliette met her soon after she had received an AiR LEA grant — which stands for Artist in Residence and is financed by Linden Endowment for the Arts. Such grants allow artists to work for over six months exploring the possibilities of creation. For Lampithaler this meant being able to create and perform a fairy tale in Second Life and compatible grids.