Cica Ghost: People

Cica Ghost was invited by Bryn Oh to create a pavilion for 1Biennale in opensim. The result is a cube where a lot of people walk up and down, for and back, showing a question mark. What might be inside? Find out!



The list of installations by Cica Ghost within Second Life is long. I name just a few: Them, Ruins, Prison, Keys, Balloons, Future. You may ask, “What is the common ground?“

I invited Cica Ghost years ago to join Vulcanicus, so to conserve some of her Houses, I call them Houses On Wheels, but she was not interested. She said something like, “My work is made to be or not to be. It is not for eternity.” Maybe that’s the common ground of her artistic work. To allow things to erode.

So I sadly left, knowing her great work will be missed. A few years later she created for Philip Rosedale’s new platform High Fidelity a land where you find some Houses on Wheels. After Philip agreed to join my project to do a reading of the Deliverator from Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this novel, my hopes raised that I may ask Cica again.

But things turned out even better. She was already building a Pavilion. Watch the video, look at the timestamp 3:55 –People you will meet at her Pavilion.