Space Cadet: The Molly Bloom Museum




I asked Molly Bloom if she allows me to bring her work to 1Biennale in form of a typical real-life museum. You may ask, “What is typical?” Can virtual and real handshake in a typical way? A task that I would have to give to Daniel Libeskind. Then I could say: “Let’s go into The Royal Ontario Museum.” You would instantly ask, “Into the new or the old section?” Here “in the grid” we have both sections in one. Thanks to Space Cadet.


No need to travel to Ontario. Just login and visit the landset Lighthouse. The Molly Bloom museum was set up by Space Cadet inside the Pavilion Cloud Atlas.

The work of Molly Bloom is very well known and credited. You see it in the machinima Surreal Cube that was made for the Santorini Biennale IMMERSIVIA 2016. A tribute to Molly Bloom you find also as an iReport at [stats no longer updated by CNN]. She became the first Digital Immersive Artist to be conserved fully in 2016.