Much has happened in the last weeks.

Please join the ART TALK on MONDAY, Feb 5th at 1:00 PM SLT:

In Second Life:


Please join the ART TALK on WEDNESDAY, Feb. 7th at Noon SLT:

In opensimulator, Metropolis Metaversum, map: Futurelab:


You will be able to sneak with your browser LIVE into 1BIENNALE [Sandbox and Draft].

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Gaianed Francisco di Cremona: A CUBE

Gaianed Francisco di Cremona worked out a Homage to M.C. Escher

As posted in facebook: Gaianed Francisco di Cremona joined the CALL FOR CUBES in opensimulator. Get inspired by his installation now on display in SL at LEA5. Have a look at the video
Btw. Gaianed is one of the first builders who got conserved by Art Blue’s [catalog] project – running on Space.Net servers – see at – Castle Petrov by Gaianed


Join the conference on Dec 9th and 10th 2017 to watch out what is said ….


We are in an early stage. Nevertheless we have already contributors so the 1BIENNALE gets a picture: Art Eames aka Daniel Jung, Sean Lennon, Venus Adored, Gem Preiz, Hyde Hackl, Erico Lecker, Uan Ceriaptrix. Currently the sketches are on Metropolis grid and some sketches are in SL at LEA5 [sandbox cleans every Friday].

Juliette Surreal-D. created a superb pavilion combing old and new worlds linking back [and forward] to the [Digital] Anthropocene. The front sides of old houses have been made available on a a free 3D platform. See also the contact page where the ideas melt.


It will be interesting what we will see IN THE CUBE when the 1BIENNALE opens [same time as SANTORINI BIENNALE – IMMERSIVIA]. Who wants to fill a pavilion?


Pavilion by Art Eames

In preparation of the project 1Biennale Art Eames created a code system which signs around the exhibition cube. A running code spanning around the world, a code directed by the Noob standing on top. This installation has a history: The Digital Anthropocene, an imprint of mankind. The signing Noob was his contribution to a call of the European Banking Institute in 2015. We see the noob in an adapted version on top.

The final contribution of Art Eames is different. Still the codes runs …

“The code must run.” ~ Art Blue



Pavilion by Erico Lecker

Erico Lecker made the first basic design that shows the type: Pavilion with a [static] Grand Hall.

This means the Grand Hall has a size of 32x32x26, is centered as all Grand Halls have to be centered on the 64×64 meter baseplate, and is located therefore on position A. It will always be seen from the outside no matter what Art Container ( C or D ) will be placed inside.




Seven Pavilions

Seven continents on earth, seven pavilions. That is the very first view. Seven artists. Each one representing one continent. Inside each Pavilion a cube coming out of the continent representing it. The First view is not the last view. At the end there will be no continents, no cubes assigned to a specific place. Everything will be everywhere, even in Real Locations.