Pavilion by Art Eames

Art Eames created a code which signs around the exhibition cube. A running code spanning around the world, a code directed by the Noob standing on top. This installation has history: The Digital Anthropocene, an imprint of mankind. The signing Noob was his contribution to a call of the European Banking Institute in 2015. We see the noob in an adapted version on top.


Pavilion by Erico Lecker

Erico Lecker made the first basic design that shows the type: Pavilion with a [static] Grand Hall.

This means the Grand Hall has a size of 32x32x26, is centered as all Grand Halls have to be centered on the 64×64 meter baseplate, and is located therefore on position A. It will always be seen from the outside no matter what Art Container ( C or D ) will be placed inside.




Seven Pavilions

Seven continents on earth, seven pavilions. That is the very first view. Seven artists. Each one representing one continent. Inside each Pavilion a cube coming out of the continent representing it. The First view is not the last view. At the end there will be no continents, no cubes assigned to a specific place. Everything will be everywhere, even in Real Locations.