Artist: Blue Tsuki

This page will become final the page for the contribution of Blue Tsuki to 1Bienale.

Right now it is a sort of working test page for the QR-Code that you see here:


— Just to state why you cant get more right now:

Application deadline for 1Biennale is April 30, 2018. Then the curator’s work and the making of the book will happen. This will take about two month ….

There will be several Grand Openings around the world. One will be at ONAWERO,  one in Santorini, one in Leipzig, one in the United Kingdom …

… the one in Onawero and the one in Leipzig will be streamed live via a shared webbrowser. Each Grand Opening will feature two or three artists and show a different land setting. All Grand Openings will happen in mid and late 2018.

The one in Santorini – at the 4th edition of Santorini Biennale – shall be on the posted date, 1st November 2018. Check out the news there …

1Biennale will join this way the 2nd IMMERSIVIA at Santorini. The 1st IMMERSIVIA took place in 2016.

You say, “So nothing to do as to wait and to plan my trip?”

You can pre-order the book BIENNALE DIGITALE. Just send an email to the owl — — or an IM to Neruval Resident in SL. This said, you get now a few sneak-in pages until … yes until we meet in one of the locations that will be posted on the website.  Keep in mind these pages are just cuts from the bookmaking software, no trimming done.