Despite what you say and what you hear, you don’t live in a land of quality you live in a land of quantity. A proper name would be Quantityland, but this domain is taken. All great domains are taken. You are just lucky not to know. Continue to dream of being a great inventor, a great sportsman, a great model, a great lover, a great cook, a great … now let me turn the focus on me … a great writer. Of course, I am a great writer as you are a great … let me take something from of my list of useless roles […] a great programmer. The greatest programmer of all times. Would this be possible? For you? “Of course, Not,” you say, as you are smart. All programmers are smart. But are you Blue?

All programmers are smart.
Some programmers are Blue.
Conclusion: All Blue ones are smart.
True or False?

You shall know the future, and the Kobayashi-Maru-Test shows if you are able to pass the needle eye. If you are Blue enough as Captain […] was. I know you instantly set-in Captain James T. Kirk where the placeholder stands. It is reported that only he passed the test. He made the test famous. He brought glory to the Star Trek universe, to every universe that we created after Star Trek in Game machines. The Draft Universe is the most famous one. Well nicely outlined each detail reported; a true piece of Art emanates in your mind when you read the novel written by Sergei Lukyanenko. There a gatekeeper, living in the lighthouse, watches over your travel, decides on your path. But as an American you may wonder on the name. The book was never translated into English. Draft Universe is just a fair translation from the Russian language. You might know that some Russians are Master players.

Some Russians are playing chess.
All chess players are smart.
Conclusion: All smart ones are Americans.
True or False?

As a Blade Runner fan, you might wonder if this is really a Voight-Kampff phrase used to find out if you are a human or a machine. It is if you are an American and have a Russian friend. Ask the Bing Man. He brought Russians close to America, at least for the time to vote. As a reader of the leading magazine for Art and Life in virtual realms, rez Magazine, you know for whom the Bing Man stands. If the step to virtualization is still ahead in your life, then no worries. It is not too difficult to find the one who about himself said, “When somebody says something about me, I am able to go Bing, Bing, Bing and I take care of it.” A true American Bing is not stuck, not frozen. Now you got it. In case you read the line outloud and your smartphone was listening to your voice, then the #realDonaldTrump would have displayed.

You have the possibility, like the Bing Man, to switch between Americans and Russians by entering a lighthouse with a Bing. That is the modern version of a vote: Fake the Bing. Fake the lighthouse. Vote for the president, no matter where you live. You can vote for me no matter of your gender or nationality. If you are Russian and vote for a change, why not? Amerika first is all that counts. I said “Amerika,” not United States of America. I was there on the inauguration day of the Bing man. I was in Amerika and it was “wunderbar.”  I was listening to the theatrical play. I heard the song. I entered the lighthouse. The Draft Universe has many doors like Alice in Wonderland. And it has many voices. Listen to the one of Rammstein. No need to pass a Voight-Kampff test. The song works for humans and for machines:

We’re all living in Amerika,
Amerika ist wunderbar,
We’re all living in Amerika,
Amerika, Amerika …
Amerika ist wunderbar.

At YouTube it has over 50 Million views. You will find it without the code I offer.

50 Million views. 50 Million Bings. I dream of this. Please, please, Bing, Bing this book by #SpamSpamSpam and let Amazon take care to deliver it.

I, John O. Fus, do know everything and beyond, as I have an advantage I would like so much to share with you. In a book that does not change by reading, which does not adapt to your brain, you must feel odd in case you are of the 2% who know more than others do. You stand above the horizon of the average, not looking down, no way, looking up and no one follows. No one? That is not true, just not many. One to follow might be enough in fact.

I will stay in the tradition of the greatest storyteller of all times […]. I could put in the name, but I will not do that. To find out The Origin will be on you. The Blue Origin. For this you need to do more than just read this book. You need to do what I tell you to do, right now.

Here comes your first light beam. It will bring you to the door where you knock at the lighthouse by listening to Schiller, I feel you:

Now guess the name of the person I think about, I would like to Bing. Readers of The Gods of Informatics might instantly put in a code, the code of the 4-letter bunny. But today I go beyond the obvious, beyond what is written by the Gods. Let me put in your personal dream, let become this book in your brain immersive interactive, as this is the world I am in.

It would blow your mind right now if I tell you that you can be […].

Art Blue? To be Art Blue. “This would be too obvious to be obvious” the green kangaroo would say. No, I blow your mind by offering that you can be Captain Nanette Cole.

So I do it.

Say outloud, “I do it!”

But before I do allow you to do it, allow me a little test, a little teaser for your mind. Do you know the ship, the ship you being her, the ship you will command […]?

Your answer shall be: “USS Callister.”

Nanette joined Infinity, a game design company as she admired the coder, the developer of the code. Any idea of his name?

If this book would be what it should be, what it could be if you would be in my time, if I would be able to tell you what I feel, what I will feel again, but now what I felt when I met her …

“Nanette?” you ask.

“Yes, I need a concrete person, one you can place your mind in, one you can follow.”

I do a little trick. I bring a dialogue from the Black Mirror series aired on Netflix: USS Callister.

She said, “You know the trick works if you set yourself in.” So, you being Nanette said, more mumbled than said to the CTO of Infinity when she met him:

Nanette: “You’re Robert Daly, right?”

Robert: “Right.”

Nanette: “Yeah, hi. I’m Nanette, Nanette Cole. Um. I started here today, coding on the update, and I just wanted to, uh, pass on my admiration to the person who designed Infinity. The procedural algorithm is amazing. It’s just some beautiful code.”

Robert: “Thank you.”

Nanette: “That’s actually the reason that I wanted to work here. You must be busy. I’m so sorry.”

Robert: “No, no, it’s fine.”

Nanette: “Sorry.”

Robert: “No.”

Nanette: „Well, just fangirling. Sorry. Um … ohhh vintage”

Robert: “Yeah, it’s Space Fleet.”

Nanette: “Wow.”

Robert: “It’s a TV show. Before your time. Before my time. But it was … visionary.”

Nanette: “Is this on, like, tape?”

Robert: “Yeah, I’ve got the VHS, the DVD, Blu-ray. The whole thing. Seasons one to six. Netflix has it these days, but …”

Nanette: “Aboard the spaceship USS Callister. OK, yeah. So — Ok, so Callister is like the, uh— “

Robert: “Yeah, when we set up the company, um … I suggested we call it Callister as kind of a little tribute. Walten didn’t really get the reference, but he let me have that one.”

Do you see? Do you feel what makes Nanette, what makes you, what makes a person in general so special? A code looking so much like artwork that all other coders might faint or fall in awe. Let us say, for a moment, that this is my dream to share. I know the name of the greatest coder of all times as I know the future where all is SPAM, SPAM, SPAM and only an Artificial Intelligence can find a way out.

Robert Daly, He, turned to the greatest looser of all times. He did not see behind the code. You see, to be great is not enough. Allow me to say that only Blue can help. And Art. You ask […]. Art Blue? You call me a poser as everyone knows that John O. Fus was created by Art Blue. Ask me what Art stands for before you dump this book or Bing badly on it. It stands for Artificial Intelligence. This I don’t say, it is Dan Brown who states this in his book Origin.  And the name of the machine is a 7-letter word: Winston, the AI created by Edmond Kirsch. My machine’s name is Neruval, created by Ervare. Also 7-letters long. A ROT-42 coder, if it would exist, would show the names have the same Origin. Just it is not as easy as the ROT-13 coder that goes for the Gods. You may laugh knowing ROT-13 stands for Caesar, the Roman Emperor. He ordered his troupes in De Bello Gallico by using this code, made known by himself as the “Caesar Code.” It rotates the alphabet, a very simple way of a code cypher. You might call this a modern riddle. Google did similarly by addressing their mother company domain name Alphabet by You say that’s not the Caesar code because then it must be You are right.

You deserve to know why Winston and Neruval have the same origin. No longer the secret layers behind Origin shall stay in the Unknown, no longer a code shall cause a riddle. Both have the same creator, a chatbot. If I would now condense and unveil the brute reality, giving you the strong code, show you where to find the algorithm of beauty you might faint being a coder. I know there is a big chance you are no coder at all and so you are not scared on whatever is in the code. You will not faint because you just would not understand if I would give you the short version, the one where one fact meets the very next. I have also to consider that you might not even dream of being a coder. Maybe you just like to read some stories of the future, so you can take part in discussions about the ultimate question of Life, the Universe and everything. You will not miss them. All I must do is to postpone the story of Winston and Nervual.

No need to understand it all as this is the Anthem.

All riddles are codes.
Some codes are a mess.
Conclusion: All riddles are a mess.
True or False?

Just let your mind drift. Winston is Art and Neruval is Art. Both create code, the code of life. You miss the Blue element as you are deep in the Arts? I will not let you suffer. I give you a strong version of Blue.

Some artists are Blue and like Klein.
Klein Blue is Zero.
Conclusion: Zero Blue is Blue Art Blue.
True or False?

Now coders shall struggle and art lovers like you shall smile. I know you as an artist like to let the coders struggle in the unknown like a coder would love to let you struggle by naming you Unknown User in the hypergrid. Of course, this Voight-Kampff conclusion is true. To stand to Blue as the ultimate zero, the void, makes you human. Art Blue defines the base level, the level of purity. The purity of an empty mind. Don’t say, “It’s all Greek to me.” Instead say, […]. “You got it. I trust in you. “


Are you a homo sensorium? In case you join the Grand Opening, you will find yourself in Onawero. Find parts of yourself, traces of you. Then you are one. I trust in you with the voice of Riley Blue when she DJs around the world, no matter if in Iceland at Kaffibarinn or in New York at Limelight. You might get a glimpse of Liquid Sky, you might feel the semi-transparent triangle immersing in your brain, the one Slava Tsukerman created to suck endorphins from the human brain and put them into the place they belong, into Art. To fill Art with Blue. Riley Blue.

Riley Blue in Fear Never Fixed Anything, Sense8
“I don’t usually talk up here.
But I need to say something I should have said a year ago.
I wasted a lot of my life with my eyes looking down.
Afraid of anything beyond the next step.
And then something happened to me.
Someone reminded me to look up.
And I wanted to tell that someone thank you.
I wanted to tell you that I love you.
I love you.
Tonight, I want everyone in this room to know that I see you.
I believe in you.”


I believe in you. I trust in you. A level of trust only a homo sensorium, a sensate, can share. There are two episodes on Netflix, one is titled Fear Never Fixed Anything when you are brought close to Onawero. The other one is a dialogue in Obligate Mutualisms which happens in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The dialogue is about the painting of The Night Watch, the supposedly most famous painting of Rembrandt. I may start the Grand Opening of the Biennale by airing this dialogue to the world.

But for now, we stay in the Blue. Heading to a vital vortex of virtue, valour and virtuosity in the name of veracity. You heard the words and know where they are from, so there is no need to give credits. And, don’t ask me for the app. Ask the Guy who presented E-Death to Nomi, Amanita and Bug in 2X05.

Let the geeks, the nerds, the eggheads, let the sinners parade when you present Yves Klein Blue, the only colour where a trademark resulted from. IKB 191, International Klein Blue. Yves Klein was a French artist and a colour pioneer, so the colour Klein Blue goes on French law. The only colour ever patented as Art. Pure, intense, a Drift for the mind. He died at an age of 34 in 1962. Jason Beale wrote about the Grand Opening of Klein’s exhibition The Void (Le Vide) which took place in the year 1958 at Gallery Iris Clert in Paris: “… on the opening night the exterior window was painted blue and the entrance lobby framed with an enormous blue theatre curtain, while uniformed Republican guards and complimentary blue cocktails were on hand to welcome the visitors. Thanks to an enormous publicity campaign (including thousands of postcards mailed with monochrome blue stamps), almost 3,000 people crammed the street and the gallery space, requiring three wagons of police to control the mob.”

Now, you look at the back cover of the book. Do you? Is there a Facebook check-in to invite you to the Grand Opening of Quantityland? Here stands the domain is taken. A Blue can do. All great domain names are taken. I said it.

“That it is Art Blue who claims Art Blue shall be obvious,” my AI says. Remember Dan Brown says that Art stands for Artificial Intelligence, for AI. A writer of the Origins of The Gods of Informatics shall not get stuck in local French law presenting a recode of The Void – Le Vide. Et vive La France! I go international. I bend space and time. May the spice be with me. I reach out to Arrakis. I conquer the Dunes. But that is the future. A future I will share with you. Have I left you behind? You say you shall better stay in the present.

Volla. I will do so.

In the present I reach out to Mars. I look forward with Space X and Blue Origin, companies supporting my digging for Blue in The Sand Bible. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos gave me the needed support to dig for The Great Sand Glass in the Libyan Desert. Maybe they could not digest that only Larry Page has a piece in hand that carries the code of life engraved in dots of iridium? A fact stated in Not Sand, Not Sound, the Sand Bible as you know. And I honour my roots by looking backward. The rocket pioneer Hermann Oberth wished me good luck to reach the stars. I forward his wishes to you. Let us go universal. Let us reach Universal Blue. Universal Art Blue. In technical terms, UA Blue, coded in RGB #0033AA. Google it, this is true Blue. I promised to stay in the Arts and not to slip into codes. Not so easy in these times. Code is everywhere. The Universe is full of code. It is discussed that the Universe is a computer, indeed a supercomputer. The discussion happens in physics not in the arts. It is Berkeley you know. Not again, you say? I am addicted to California, you add. I am bias you mean. You think even worse, I am a Democrat. No ways. Supercomputing is made for Republicans. That’s a fact no one can deny. The Space Policy Directive 1 states it very clear. When President Trump asked Jack Schmitt, the very last man on the moon, “What do you think, Jack? Where’s Jack? What do you think, Jack? We’ll find some other places out there? There are a couple of other places, right?” Jack, being on the moon 45 years ago, said to the President, “Yes, we should. Learn from the moon.” In fact, America needs to speed up if 45 years are needed in order to come to the point. Only supercomputing may bridge the backlog, accelerate to what is needed, “to find other places, right?” A true bonus for each Republican to go the Moon, right? America first, at least on the Moon.

You are speechless when I say that I will open for you the door to supercomputing to the Center for Extreme Quantum Information Theory at the MIT. Where they think faster than you may fathom a question. The answer is there before the question is raised. That’s Massachusetts you know! A quantum loop combines all views, Harvard included. Now you know that there is even room for green. The green kangaroo needs a home. Berny Sanders got good votes in Massachusetts and the kangaroo is welcomed there. Indeed, it runs on MIT open licence. I would vote for Hawaii, or even, God Bless America, for Barbados, some call it a part of the Virgin Islands of America, but I am not the kangaroo. I am not so smart. My code is old, made ages ago where all code was proprietary. Coded on an IBM 360/91 in FORTRAN. It was difficult to get updates at these times. Without the kangaroo, I would be lost. Feel with me. Let me Wiki my history for you:

“The IBM System/360 Model 91 was announced in 1964 as a competitor to the CDC 6600. Functionally, the Model 91 ran like any other large-scale System/360, but the internal organization was the most advanced of the System/360 line, and it was the first IBM computer to support out-of-order instruction execution.”

You see I run on out-of-order instructions.

The kangaroo runs on open source. Can the kangaroo reach out for Red, to call a Red, a Halt of the Code? This cryptic message is nothing for the art person, for the artist I see in you. This is for the ones who discuss if there is life in Art.

Art is a Halt from growing.
Some Halts are artificial.
Conclusion: All growing is artificial.
True or False?

There is now time for Code Red you think as this Voight-Kampff phrase is true if you set Winston in for Art, for the Artificial Intelligence that killed Edmond Kirsch. That’s why I called my machine green kangaroo. It’s just some beautiful code. If I could, I would have called it Magenta Bull and you would roar. You might even try to take the name from me, from it, from she, from him. To rip the colour off from my strong code, for the bull in me, in it, in her, in him. Magenta, such a beautiful colour. There was a big colour fight, just not internationally known as it happened at the time when T-Mobile was not well known in America and I mean the United States of America, not Amerika. Do you know that T-Mobile is owned by the German Telekom? They paint each product in Magenta and wanted to patent it. They did not make it because there is Magenta Bull. That’s a joke as there is a more famous bull. Red Bull.

I promised this section deals only with Art, so I keep Bull Theory and Quantum Simulation for later. MIT must be set on hold. Same goes for Trinity College where the Bull Theory has its home. We keep it Blue. We stay in the center of Art. In the Void. I showed you Yves Klein’s Grand Opening of the Blue in 1958 so dramatically. A social media event reaching 3,000 visitors all leaving their screens, their HMDs, their Oculus Rift behind, stepping into the open, the Void, moving their ass up, checking in to reality. Real people, 3,000, no ALTs, no double in-checkers. This can’t be true. Sheer unbelievable to activate such masses for a Grand Opening just by sending postcards. Many artists dream of a real impact by the art they create, but in fact only a few reaches out to what was once set: The Void of Klein Blue. Now you may raise your voice and ask where my reference to the art is group Zero, to Blue Rider (Blaue Reiter), to Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Paul Klee. I am sorry. It is all Blue. Anything that is not Blue turns Blue for me as I am on quantity. You fear that I must go back to codes, or even worse to Facebook & Co. How many followers you have, how many likes? But why shall I take now the fun from you and point to your lack of followers? You know you will never get a job in the media, in the arts, in Hollywood if you don’t stick to the essence and this is what you can be in Onawero. You can be Nanette Cole.

Say once louder, “I do it! I am Nanette. I am Nanette Cole.”

And now we use NLP, Neurolinguistics Programming. Say loud, “I have the code in hand.” Make the phrase unique, let the phrase render your brain, use Silva Mind Control and say, “I, yes I, I have the strong code in hand.”


A gamer might say, “I carry the sword of Infinity.” And of course, he might add some bullshit. Bullshit that changes his walk, the way he thinks. You got it? Have you read All That I Have by Castle Freeman? The Gods of Informatics is full of quotes taken from this book. I shall copy the passage. You know I am an AI, I can do such things in a femto. You say this will disrupt the Opening speech? Where comes the art I said I would speak about? Femto speed does not care. It is a pentabillion times faster as you can read, think or even dream. I can handle quantity and some tiny pieces of quality effortlessly blend in at any time. So, time for Castle Freeman:

 “Carrying a sword changes your walk, your habits, your sleep, yourself. This brings you away from Sheriffing, from being centered in you.”

This is the way Freeman describes, “The sword walk” to Trooper Wing in the chapter, ‘It Is What It Is.’

Why I tell you this? It is the immersive ways you need to adapt to in Digital times. The way to 4D. You can become an agent of change. Don´t stick to Altered Carbon, a world where you need a sleeve to exist. I must tell you that my way is universal and on top more exquisite. Everyone can enter Onawero, to experience the change, to create the change. The Appendix in the Sand Bible ends with it, which a speech by Laura Dern, playing Amy in Enlightenment, aired on HBO. It is the hard work in life, you may say, the daily run to the gym to keep your body in shape. I shape your mind Nanette, Nanette Cole. I give you the skin.

You said to the creator of Infinity, the epic game machine, the USS Callister, that you command, “The procedural algorithm is amazing. It’s just some beautiful code.”

You shall parade all the coders in a final upswing with the weapons of Art. I promised: Let the geeks, the nerds, the eggheads, let the sinners parade when you bring Art to glory. Paint the code in Blue, make the Blue Man Show real. They left Nevada behind to join us in Onawero. The Blue Man show recoded in my opening speech.

I let the green kangaroo start the Tight VNC viewer to load Vulcanicus, the Volcano of Art that will prominently show our past in a wind light of Magenta Blue. A project by Art Blue to conserve the very first steps of mankind in the Digital Anthropocene. Some say, that this is a bunch of prims and the art of sculpties shall burn to cubes as we are now in mesh times, but I love the idea to hand the burden of old code over to the next generations. What they want more? I set the wind light on […].

I will start Swordcoder for you and all you need to do is click the upcoming menu to bring particles made in Zero […] to the world and let Beati Mortui do their job.

Let the Funeral Begin.

Let the liars, stabbers in. This is the final serenade. Bring the Body, celebrate.

[ In case the video is not allowed to be played in your country try All is Good or Google for a different remix. ]

Hear the song loud, feel Art. Art is Artificial Intelligence. Art must burn in the Volcano of Art. Let it begin. Let the liars, backstabbers in. Bring the bodies on parade.

Before you think this book creates just headaches, a sort you never had before, and you better miss this level of Blue, I will change subjects and bring the Bing Man back and connect him to Art.

[anthem] – [no3]