IMMERSIVIA was born in the 2nd edition of Santorini Biennale, presenting one sole artist: Navah Dreams aka Liliana Papadopoulou with Dreamt Forest. IMMERSIVIA stands for Immersive Interactive Digital Art. In the 3rd edition of Santorini Biennale IMMERSIVIA went public. Now reaching 15,000 direct hits IMMERSIVIA is the term for “Art created and experienced by Avatars” …

Please have a look at the blog USER CREATED REALITY to get an impression.


An important role played the machinima by WizardOz Chrome “The Surreal Cube” which was presented as an opener at Santorini Biennale 2016

Searching for the Green Kangaroo? It is one of the main characters in the 1Biennale book LIVING IN A CODED WORLD.


It claims FREE AVATARS, it claims a lot … decipher the political manifesto of the Green Kangaroo ..

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