The 1Biennale book will be ready for print and the QR-Codes will all be set in until mid July 2018. Please come back in time again. For now, you may go to a working test page, showing the first pages of the book in a DRAFT version … try ->  http://ut6.1biennale.org

I will add some pages that are quite done here before I set all the links in place.

THE ANTHEM <-anthem.1biennale.org

ART <- art.1biennale.org

INAUGURATION <- inauguration.1biennale.org


For the QR-Codes that are the book, you need a smartphone and a QR-Code reader App. The link is also printed in small letters next to the code. This way you can enter the link easily into your PC. Here is an example — code as5.1biennale.org