1Biennale. Pavilions and Cubes.

Clipping the concept as said shall be close to history. In 1894 the Venetian City Council build the Palazzo dell’Esposizione to give room for the first exhibition, the Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte della Città di Venezia. King Umberto I and his wife Margherita di Savoia opened the art show. Having 224.000 visitors it went to a tremendous success, which lead to what we know now, to the world most famous art show happening every two years in Venice, Italy.

In 2017 the President of Onawero John O. Fus gained interest in transferring history to the future by inviting the Digital Art Show IMMERSIVIA from Santorini, Greece to a virtual world, the world of Onawero, a world running with 10,084 inhabitants in opensimulator. The founder of the first IMMERSIVIA, Art Blue, was set in as curator. He transferred the old words of Philip Rosedale, “It all starts with a cube,” and said, “Let us set Cubes into Pavilions, reachable for all inhabitants of Onawero and open Onawero to the world.” A template was developed to set up the building dimensions, so each Pavilion will perfectly carry each cube inside. Art Blue, founder of Computer Minimal Art, influenced by Brownian Art, likes the idea that the visitor of 1Biennale can never be sure what will be inside the Pavilion until the person enters the Artist Cube. Ideas to randomize the art experience, to virtualise, to copy them so to increase the availability are not new, but only digital systems make this idea work on a global scale. Distributed Art, distributed services, grid systems, the cloud, are all terms that handshake.

Time will tell if the prediction made that the Pavilions become masterpieces defining the future in Digital Immersive Art will come true. The creators named in alphabetical order, showing their virtual names: Art Eames, Germany; Barry Richez, France; Betty Tureaud, Denmark; Bryn Oh, Canada; Cica Ghost, Serbia; Exy Atreides, UK; Erico Lecker, Spain; Hyde Hackl, Netherlands; Space Cadet, USA; Uan Ceriaptrix, Mexico; Venus Adored, Netherlands.

The Artist Cubes have been created by: XXX – we list them all…

Juliette Surreal-D, assistant curator of 1Biennale created land settings to give the visitor an overwhelming experience, the feeling of a rich environment, so literally to breathe, to embrace reality, to immerse in the work of each world artificer, as we call the maker of an Artist cube or a Pavilion.

These are the worlds Juliette created:
Lighthouse: Onawero
The Citdale: Reflections of Mare Nostrum
Mountain Range: A River Runs Through It
Picnic: Servings of Pleasure
Grand Opening: The Soul of 1Biennale

The Grand Opening which will happen in Caffe` Florian, Piazza San Marco, Venice, the place the idea of a Biennale was born by Antonio Fradeletto and Riccardo Selvatico 125 years ago. Juliette created for this event a unique setting to emphasis the mission of Art Blue:

“I want interactivity, I want particles, I want the sound of Da Da, I welcome the speaking Fish, the dreaming cubes, the translucent triangles from Liquid Sky, so to leave the reality of the servers we are in behind, like Sozyo did when he created 4D, to enlarge our digital life, to alter carbon worlds, to make reality undone and bring virtual reality to what we are made for: to live like Gods. We, the Meths may forever be cherished by the bots that have been our ancestors.”

The unique setting for the Grand Opening shows the Pavilion of Bryn Oh. Three long-legged Maskits look curiously into a wooden barn as if fiercely protecting the contents, the Art cube inside. There, inside, we find Teacups by Second Hand Tutti, the Rembrandt of 2049. On a tree “Le cerisier de la lumière” by Cherry Manga we see hanging on a cord the Pavilion Mondrian by Art Eames.

The name Mondrian itself reflects to the first interactive art machine ever which was designed by Herbert W. Franke in 1978 on a Texas Instrument TI 99/4 computer, at this time a generator of two-dimensional rectangle colour fields. H.W. Franke called the machine in honour of Piet Mondrian this way. Inside Mondrian Juliette placed Magic by Venus Adored, a cube where everyone can experiment with particles that emanate from four boxes.

May the Pavilions and Artist Cubes live long and prosper. Na-Nu Na-Nu.